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How To Naturally Dissolve Perones Plaque

How to dissolve perones plague naturally


Perones plague is a condition that affects the penis. It occurs as a hard plague or lump that develops on either the top or underside of the penis inside a thick membrane known as tunica albuginea which covers the erectile tissues. It begins forming as localized inflammation and then turns into a hardened scar. It can appear overnight and can cause pain due bending of the penis when erect. Perones plague is not cancerous, transmittable or contagious. A perones plague on the underside of the penis causes it to bend downwards while a plague on the topside causes an upwards bend. In some cases, the perones plague develops on both sides causing indentation and shortening of the penis.
The following is a five step guideline of how to dissolve the perones plague.


Step 1

Try hyperthermia

Hypertermia is a heart therapy session. It reduces the size of the perones plague and the curvature that it causes to the penis. A successful hyperthermia treatment takes about five weeks of 30 minutes hyperthermia sessions twice a week. However, dedication and patience is essential during the sessions as results are not evident after the first session.

Step 2

Use the Acetyl L-Carnitine

Acetyl-L-carnitine is an antioxidant that relieves and improves the effects of perones plague in patients. Though there are no scientific proofs yet, it is believed to reduce the size of perones plague, severity of penile angulation and the pain caused by erections. You can purchase this antioxidant over the counter and take it as directed by the physician.

Step 3

Use of traditional DMSO and castor oil combination formula

This formula uses an ingredient known as Edgar cayce that has been proven to be successful in treating cases of tissue congestion and lymphatic impaction. It is so far the most powerful collagen softening agent that is applied directly to the perones plague affected area and dissolves it.


Step 4

Change of diet

Visiting a dietician would go a long in helping with the perones plague. The dietician will conduct an allergy test to determine the foods that you are allergic to and affect your health. The dietician will recommend the best diet for you at the perones plague period. The diet should keep you strong and help you to fight the discomfort caused by perones plague.

Step 5

Use of vitamin treatment

There has been studies on vitamins E, B and C. Patients have reported significant relief of perones plague size and effects after using vitamin E to manage the perones plague. Vitamin B contains para-aminobenzoate which is a substance akin believed to reduce the effects and pain caused by perones plague.

Symptoms of perones plague

Perones plague are believed to be caused by hitting or bending of the penis that causes a localised bleeding inside the penis. Perones plague may be severe or mild and may develop rapidly over a short period of time. The major symptoms of perones plague are;

  • Hardening of penis tissue
  • Pain during erection
  • Bending of the penis during erection
  • Indentation and shortening of the penis

In some severe perones cases, the pain and curvature of the penis may result in erectile dysfunction like impotence.

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