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How To Protect Yourself From Female Diseases

Published at 03/08/2012 20:17:04


A team of researchers from Harvard discovered that there is a strong link between job stress and cardiovascular female diseases. The study was made on 17,000 healthy professional women and it showed that the group with a stressful job had 40% increased chances of heart diseases, which includes heart attack and coronary artery surgery. Even more, many women worried about losing their jobs, leading to high cholesterol and high blood pressure as well as obesity.

What are the causes for female diseases

Your body is designed to react to stress and life threatening situations. For example, if someone yells “The house is on fire!” your brain will trigger a big flow of hormones and chemicals increasing substantially your heart rate, having difficulty in breathing and the blood pressure increases. The main problem is that your body doesn’t know to make the difference between different types of stress and dangers. Your body suffers even from potential problems that haven’t occurred yet because it is always in the “on” position. Researchers said that it’s not very clear why these female diseases appear, even if the main cause is stress related.

How to stay away from female diseases

As mentioned above, stress is the main cause for female diseases. It is induced by the excessive demands at the office and not being able to control them properly. Besides work related stress, women also suffer from lack of support, leading to various female diseases. They have multiple jobs at the same time. For instance, they have to deal with aging parents, caring for children or just running the household without having support or the time to take care of all of them.


5 steps to make your life stress-free


It is true that there are situations that can’t be avoided making you feel like there’s nothing you can do to have a stress-free life, thus staying away from female diseases. Even so, here are 5 steps on how to make your life easier:

Ask for support from your husband, parents, siblings, friends and even co-workers – they can always help separating your work life from your private life.

Make a schedule for daily training exercises – exercising is very good for the heart because it reduces depression and anxiety and you will sleep a lot better.

Try to separate your work life from your private life – this means that you need to limit intrusions and leave aside your work problems when you get home, like work emails or phone calls from your co-workers.

Learn about relaxation techniques – you can sign up for meditation classes or yoga in order to learn about deep breathing, meditation or progressive relaxation.

If you feel that you are overwhelmed and can’t take it anymore, it is time to ask professional help – you can go to a specialist, like a counselor or a psychiatrist.


Tips and comments

Do not be ashamed admitting you need professional help. No one will judge you because everyone knows how stressful a woman’s life can be.