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About Ceasures in Babies


Babies are very young creatures. They are called newborns at the time of birth up till a year. From there after they are called infants and when these human offspring begin to walk and talk, they are called toddlers. Babies are generally born after nine months of conception, these babies are called full term babies. However, sometimes they are born before of after these nine months. A baby born before nine months is said to be a premature babies. Normally, the process of birth takes place either in home with nurses to aid the mother or in the hospital. It can be a normal vaginal delivery or one that requires procedures like ceasures (caesarian sections), forceps, or vaccuum pumps to deliver the baby from the birth canal into this world.


Ceasures are a surgical procedure in which the mothers abdomen and uterus is incised to take out the baby. Historically, this procedure resulted in the death of the mother. But now with the development of anesthesia, advancement of science, and better understanding of human anatomy as well as measures for sterilization, maternal mortality rate has reduced and both the mother and baby can benefit from ceasures. This procedure is indicated when normal vaginal delivery proves to be difficult. This procedure was used for the very first time in India and the child born was named Bindsura, he was the second emperor of India.


Usually, ceasures are perfromed when the baby is too large, when the labor has been too prolonged, when a cord prolapse has occurred and also when the pelvis has contacted. It may also be done if the mother has previously given multiple births, is HIV positive, has a bicornuate uterus or has died during labor or before it. Shaken baby syndrome is a condition in which the baby has fits known as seizures or ceasures. This is fatal as it may cause severe damage to the brain. Treatment is by monitoring the pressure within the skull and and draining the fluid accordingly. An intracranial hematoma if present,should also be drained. Non fatal baby ceasures almost always have dramatic consequences like visual and motor impairment, complete loss of vision, and most importantly cognitive impairment. So, even if these babies survive they have to live with the consequences if they happen. Shaken baby ceasures happen when babies are physically abused. This shaking trauma causes rotational injuries to the brain. This can happen in all babies regardless of their mode of delivery, whether it was a normal vaginal or one performed by the aid of caesarian section.

Tips and comments

Some mothers electively go for caesures as they think it is less painful than normal vaginal delivery. Ceasures should be performed during daylight operating hours. If performed in an emergency, they tend to have more complications. These include wound infections, anesthesia risks, post operative adhesions,and incisional hernia. The baby may be born with wet lung, a condition in which fluid enters the lungs. If not removed promptly, it is fatal. Also, infant mortality in ceasures is high, that why it should only be done when needed and advised by your doctor in favour of your and your baby's health.

By Qasim Ali, published at 03/07/2012
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