Treatment Of  Emerging Infectious Diseases
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Treatment Of Emerging Infectious Diseases

Published at 01/23/2012 17:01:53


 Treatment Of  Emerging Infectious Diseases

Emerging infectious diseases, whatever form they might take, harm the body in one way or the other. They may bring physical changes to your body or cause internal damages. Either way, they are very dangerous. These diseases range from simple ones like influenza and cough to serious ones like malaria and TB. Various treatments, therapies, vaccines and medicines are available to treat these ailments but the emerging infectious diseases are quite difficult to combat. A lot of care and expensive treatments are the requirement to fight them, still with fewer chances of cure and survival.


 Treatment Of  Emerging Infectious Diseases

Diseases have accompanied men since their birth and have continued to grow in multitude and size. Side by side, their treatments were also discovered by doctors, scientists and therapists. These treatments were initially very simple and were based on home remedies. The use of natural products was prescribed by the early doctors to cure most ailments. As the technology progressed, new tools, medicines, machines and instruments were discovered to treat a number of diseases. Nowadays, the emerging infectious diseases, have led to a widespread use of the modern technology and equipment for treatments. Fatal diseases like malaria, TB, HIV/AIDS, etc require a number of diagnosis test machines and others for their treatments as well.


 Treatment Of  Emerging Infectious Diseases

Coming to the treatment of these emerging infectious diseases, it requires a lot of care and expenses. It is not always possible that a new vaccine or treatment will favor a disease. Tests are carried out on various animals to check whether that vaccine is reliable or not. But the size and availability of animals is difficult nowadays so there is a need to develop regulatory science for this regard. The information about genetic sequences can allow for the formation of products like DNA, required treatments and recombinant vaccines. These are more effective than the others. Moreover, the instruments and machines should be properly sterilized to protect them from germs and bacteria. A healthy environment should be given to the patient. The patient should be protected from all sorts of germs and harmful chemicals in a medical unit.

Tips and comments

Although there ought to be various treatments for the emerging infectious diseases but it has been rightly said that prevention is better than cure. Necessary steps must be taken to prevent one from catching diseases. For example, in winters one must cover himself properly to avoid catching cold which might lead to influenza and fever. Moreover care must be taken while maintaining your diet. A healthy and nutritious diet is the need of the time. Too less and too much can both harm a person. Junk food should be avoided as far as possible. Vegetables and fruits should be given priority over meat and chicken. Dairy products and milk should also be a regular part of the diet. Apart from maintaining the diet, one must keep his body fit by regularly exercising. This can be done by either going for walk daily or doing specific exercises. In either way, the body is maintained.