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Published at 03/10/2012 15:30:10


Health issues are always big issues. People’s concern for their Health and their desire and need to get proper care have made health care a priority in this country. This has prompted the government as well as private sectors to devise ways to cater the health needs of the people when needed, where needed. These days, health centers can be found almost everywhere in the country. Here are some of the things that we need to know about healthmed centers.


Health care is one of the needs that has to be immediately addressed. Health med centers are designed to meet this need. They provide primary and urgent care in the different neighborhoods. Government-funded health med centers give medical assistance and care, regardless if you have health insurance or not. This is very important especially for poor people who cannot afford to avail of health insurances. In this scheme, a patient is not required to pay any specific amount that the center will charge. Instead, they will be charged based on their income. Healthmed centers, like regular clinics or hospitals offer the same services to patients. Things like check ups, treatments to sick people, immunizations and check ups for children, offers presciption drugs for families, dental care, addresses mental health cases as well as substance abuse care.

There are also other healthmed centers that are privately-owned. This centers are usually preferred by people who have health insurances or are well-off. Although public healthmed centers offer the same services as those which are private, there’s still a significant disparity in terms of the quality of service given. Here are some of the difference between privately owned and government-funded healthmed centers.


First, the scheduling of treatment. Private health centers can give the convenience of choosing the time of appointment with your physician. As a patient it is important for you to be given the freedom to choose the best time for you. You can just call your doctor and set an appointment at your most convenient time. Patients in public healthmed centers doesn’t have this luxury. Patients usually have to wait for their turn, depending on how long is the list, before they could receive treatment. This is very crucial for patients who need immediate attention.

Another difference are the specialist. Private health centers usually have a variety of docotrs who are specialists in different fields. A patient has the option to choose a specialist depending on treatment needed. In public health centers, the aptient has no choice but to be treated by the doctor assigned to them. Certain rules are to be followed as to which physician you can see or not.

Admittance in hospitals are also different between private and public healthmed centers. In private health centers, you can get your own room when admitted, having the privacy that you would need when being sick. In public health centers, there ar times when a person is placed in a room with other patients depending the circumstance. Patients may not be given the chance to request private rooms.

But then again, private health centers are way more expensive as compared to the public healthmed centers. Not everyone are fortunate to avail the services of a private health centers. Being a private institution, private health centers are generally profit-oriented. Although they are focused on the health care of it’s patients, they will also need to address their financial income concerns.

Tips and comments

These are some of the important things that we need to know about healthmed centers. As individuals, people have different needs. It is good that these healthmed centers exists to serve and provide the care that we need. Whether private or government-funded, healthmed centers are alwaysthere to provide us with the kind of care that we need.


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