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Common Diseases Of the Cardiovascular System


Our heart is the most important organ of our body, and hence should be cared for the most. But, unfortunately, we rather choose a lifestyle that involves putting fast food down our throats and building up a huge belly, ignoring exercise as much as we can. This leads to diseases of the cardiovascular system, or heart diseases in short. But unhealthy food is not the only cause of diseases of the cardiovascular system; there are other reasons as well. Gulping down fast food might only cause Hypercholesterolemia. There are a couple other cardiovascular diseases as well that are very commonly found in people suffering from heart problems.


Diseases of the cardiovascular system have seen an increasing number of victims with the passage of time. In the early times, when technology did not exist, people actually used to move around a lot more, fighting wars, travelling hundreds of miles for migration purposes, hunting animals etc. These sorts of physical activities used to prevent cardiovascular diseases in humans, since the absence of physical exertion is the core reason behind the increasing number of cardiovascular disease patients today.


There are many diseases of the cardiovascular system, but lets consider the 3 most common ones. Firstly, we have Hypertension. Now what happens in this disease is that the blood vessels thicken, causing the blood pressure to rise, and a high blood pressure is harmful. Causes of this disease include lack of exercise, consumption of oily foods, smoking and alcohol. It may also happen if the disease runs in the family. The second most common cardiovascular disease is Hypercholesterolemia. As the name somewhat hints, this disease causes the blood cholesterol levels to rise, which may lead to a serious heart condition if not controlled. The cause of this is purely the consumption of oily fatty foods. They are the root cause of basically most of the cardiovascular diseases. The solution for both the diseases mentioned above is a healthy diet (which is low on cholesterol) and moderate exercise (like a jog in the morning). The third most common disease related to the heart is Angina Pectoris, which is slightly different as compared to the 2 cardiovascular diseases mentioned above. Now this disease is caused by over-exertion, and is very painful. If this pain is ignored by the person experiencing Angina, it can develop further and become a heart attack, which should be avoided by paying an immediate visit to the physician.

Tips and comments

The root causes of most diseases of the cardiovascular system are bad diet and lack of exercise. So if a person incorporates a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine in his/her life, then they can live with the confidence that they have a healthy heart. If not, you will always run the risk of suffering from a cardiovascular disease which will only grow more frequent with age. So it is better to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle because it will help make your heart stronger, and ensure a longer and healthier life spent.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/18/2012
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