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Published at 03/10/2012 15:58:02


A disease is any impairment in a normal structure or function of a body. It affects the person's social life, mental and physical health and causes pain and discomfort. It is often associated with specific clinical signs and symptoms that help in evaluation and diagnosis of the condition. Diseases can be classified in numerous ways. They can be infectious, autoimmune, hereditary or deficiency diseases. Moreover they can be communicable or non-communicable. A disease is frequently classified according to its extent - localized, generalized and disseminated. The terms illness, disorder, disease and sickness are synonyms and are used interchangeably. Diseases info and knowledge is imperative. Diseases info can be the first step taken by a person to tackle a disease.


Health and lifestyles go hand in hand. Our ancestors were way healthier than us due to multiple reasons. They had a lot of exercise as they had to work hard for food. Their diet, unlike ours, was balanced with meat, vegetables and fruits. Industrialization of the world draws on numerous health concerns. Refined carbohydrates, synthesized vegetables and fruits, instant foods, lack of exercise, deficiency of vitamins and minerals, alcoholism, drug abuse and smoking influence the overall health and subject humans to high susceptibility to diseases. The course of infectious diseases is variable. While some infections (smallpox or yellow fever) were suppressed others (HIV and tuberculosis) emerged rapidly. They have gotten more difficult to control due to our own carelessness. Vaccines and antibiotics are a big help but they are not enough to eradicate a disease. Physiology, anatomy, risk factors and diseases info allow us to understand the problem and control it.


There are gazillion of diseases out there. The common ones include Hypertension, Angina, Diabetes, Anemia Cancer, Asthma, Arthritis TB, AIDS and Hepatitis. Almost everyone knows about their diseases info. Hypertension and Diabetes are easily controllable but if overlooked they tend to get rapidly fatal. Heart, kidneys, brain, vessels, limbs, eyes all go down just because of them. AIDS, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis are infectious diseases that have sadly become common. AIDS is untreatable and TB and Hepatitis B and C well as just be. Once somebody contracts them, their life expectancy is measured in few years and even months. Only a few precautions need to be taken to prevent them. Several disorders, mostly autoimmune diseases and malignancies, run in families. Know your family history and diseases info, get checkups and blood screenings yearly and visit your doctor if any sign or symptom develops. Alcoholism and tobacco are one of the leading causes of death. They are implicated in various disorders and cancers like liver disease, oral and lung cancers, heart diseases and peptic ulcers.

Tips and comments

Prevention and diseases info are the initial steps in fight against an illness. Take a balanced diet that includes carbohydrates, fat and proteins. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Vitamin and supplements are beneficial in countering many illnesses and in hampering the development of several anemia and deficiency states. Exercise is the one of the best thing you can do. Go on a walk four times a week and do some stretching daily. Try your best to avoid drugs, tobacco, alcohol and lead a healthy and happy life.