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What Are The Diseases That Affects Bones

Published at 03/11/2012 22:00:35


Diseases are the conditions of health loss more specifically diseases are the departure of one’s good health in terms of social, physical and mental aspects. About the role of bones, they help you move, provide body shape and support to the human body. These are the living tissues that keep on constantly rebuilding them over the cycle of life. During young age new bone is being added faster than it is being removed in old age. Every era of age is important in bone metabolism; some do add bone while other erodes. Young age bring and builds strong bone for the upcoming older age. The reserves that do helps in bone growth are vitamin D and calcium, larger the store stronger the bones and lesser bones diseases.


About the types of bones diseases:
The types of bones diseases vary and a long list can be presented but in this article the diseases of bones are classified in groups to provide a general overview of all kind of bones diseases.
Traumatic bones diseases: The most common problem of bone and skeletal diseases are fractures. The most prominent reason is trauma or accidents. Fractures may have other reasons but they includes trauma in etiological process for sure. The fracture can be treated by reduction and help by clinical professionals as early as possible.

Inflammatory bones diseases:

Yes! Bones can get diseases due to inflammation most involved are joints. You must have heard about red swollen painful joints. Gout and rheumatic arthritis are common. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis occurs in young adults and may cripple one for long. These bones diseases are important health problems. Infective bones diseases are a subtype. Polio is a very common disease in third world mainly. A virus infects and affects bone growth and a child is handicapped for rest of the life.

Metabolic bones diseases:

Metabolic derangements also lead to bones diseases that can be treated by correcting the metabolically missing element. The common example is of rickets due to vitamin D diseases.


Tumors in bones diseases:

Bones diseases can be of tumor origin, it can appear as three different types. Benign bones disease, in which the tumor is not of malignant type or is not severe. The other type is malignant tumor bones diseases which are due to the ability of bone cancer to spread away in whole body. The third main type is metastatic bones diseases in which the origin of cancer is somewhere else in the body and the cancer has spread to bone. It’s a severe bones disease form. The treatment required is vigorous and intense. Sarcomas, chondromas and other distant cancers are example.

Congenital bones diseases:

On birth several bones diseases can be seen in neonates, as per due to birth canal injury or malformations due to chromosomal abnormalities. Stunted growth due to absent hormones, malformed bones or extra numeric bone is an important bones diseases problem. Severe chromosomal aberration may result in a cartilage disease, connective tissue disorder or mal formation bones diseases.


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Miscellaneous bones diseases:

An article is not enough to cover even all the basics of bones diseases. In this last category I would like to mention bout some diseases that involves muscle & skeletal system as a whole, these are neuromuscular disorders, injuries, herniated discs of vertebrae, carpel tunnel syndrome, back pain, multiple sclerosis and many others. Knowledge about the various aspects of bones diseases are an important approach towards good healthy life.