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Cattlemaster Vaccine Schedule


If you are a cattle master, you should feel proud that you are among those people of the world who are actually doing a noble job. There are many things that you need to keep in your mind when it comes to cattlemaster vaccine schedule. Different schedules are applied for cattle as a cattle master but before you go ahead and start vaccination of your cattle, you should keep some important tips in your mind that are given below.

You are not supposed to set your own vaccination schedule. If you think that your cattle need to be vaccinated, you should consult with the veterinary doctor and ask him about the proper vaccination schedule. Most of the cattle masters, who try to vaccinate their cattle as per their own mind, end up finding many of their cattle ill and diseases. Im sure that you will never want to go through any such kind of experience because these animals are very important to you. So being a cattlemaster it is your duty to take care of all these animals. If any of these animals fell sick then you will have to go to the doctor again and ask for the treatment. Always keep in your mind that you should never do self-vaccination in any case.

If you are giving vaccines to your cattle as per your schedule that has been suggested by the doctor then you should stop vaccination as soon as you find that some of your animals are suffering from some kind of disease. There are different diseases of animals at the moment and you should keep their information with you all the time. As soon as any of your cattle has been diagnosed with any other disease, you should stop the vaccination schedule and consult with the veterinary doctor immediately. After consulting with the doctor, start using the vaccines that have been prescribed by him for your cattle.

Don't go for self-vaccination because you know less about cattle. Let me repeat what I have said above, you may be a good cattlemaster but you are not the best cattlemaster in the world. So never go for self-medication or self-vaccination of your cattle. If you think that your cattle has got some kind of disease then you should get that disease treated with the help of a certified doctor. A best thing that you do in order to keep your cattle free from disease is to take proper cattle master course and make sure that you are keeping your cattle in neat and clean atmosphere. Any germs and bacteria in air are not only dangerous for human but for animals as well.

By Ignat Victor, published at 03/15/2012
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