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Diseases in the digestive system: treatment and diagnostic procedures


The digestive system is one of the most vital systems in our body. It is made up of many organs, all performing unique and complex functions. This is where the food, and everything that enters our body is being processed. Digestion of food is the main work of this system. In order people to function well and be ale to do the things that are needed, keeping the digestive system healthy is very crucial.


To people who have diseases in their digestive system, many facets of daily living need to be altered. The normal things that they are accustomed to doing may no longer be possible; particularly on the intake of food. Certain kinds of food may no longer be allowed or prohibited for them to eat. In order to be keener on taking care of one’s health, there is a need to be informed of what kind of consequences or to be specific diseases that a person could acquire when choosing to neglect healthy living. Here are some of the diseases in the digestive system as well as the treatment and diagnostic procedures required for it.


Gastric ulcers are inflammations of the linings of the stomach caused by an imbalance among the stomach acids, enzymes and the natural resistance systems of the stomach. Smoking contributes to this disease. Symptoms include abdominal pains, nausea, vomiting of blood, fatigue and also blood in the stools. This could be treated with medicines and antibiotics. The important thing is to detect while still in the early stages. If not responding to medication, a surgery may be required.

Heartburn is another common type of disease in the digestive system. Gastric acids that flow upward from the stomach to the esophagus cause this. It is usually accompanied by a painful experience like a burning sensation in the chest area and most of the time, a bitter or sometimes sour taste in the mouth. The most effective way to deal with this disorder is to have a healthy diet. Consulting doctors and dieticians are vital to fight off this disease.

Colon and rectal cancer is the second leading cause of death according to studies in the U.S. It is commonly known as bowel cancer. Symptoms of this disease include rectal bleeding and anemia. A significant change in the bowel movement or habit is also one of the signs. Unhealthy lifestyle is among the major causes of this disease.

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In cases of digestive system diseases, a diagnostic procedure is a must. The most usual procedures that a patient must undergo are the laboratory tests, imaging tests, and endoscopic procedures. Sometimes, other procedures maybe needed depending on the case.

These are just but a few of the diseases in the digestive system. Taking care of one’s health is very important if one wants to enjoy life and make the most out of it. The kind of lifestyle that we engage ourselves into will determine how we will live. There’s no better way to live than to live responsibly.

By Seth Evan, published at 03/16/2012
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