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About the Erysiphales Fungus


Erysiphales fungus is a fungus which is found on flower plants. Another name for this fungus is powdered mildew. Fungus is found in many different forms. There are many which are harmful and there are many which are useful. Some fungi are used for cooking purposes also. Erysiphales fungus grows specifically on flowered plants. It is not found on any other plant. The main purpose of any fungus is to benefit the ecosystem with the help of its infinite web of threads. These threads are known as mycelium. Fungus provides nutrients to plants and animals.


The Erysiphales fungus is found on mostly flower plants. The name powdered mildew comes from the appearance it gives when grows on a plant. If you observe a plant with Erysiphales fungus on it, you will get the impression of a fine web of powder on the plant. It is said that this is not highly harmful in nature. However, it can cause serious damage to the health of the plant. A function of fungus is to return nutrients to the soil also. A few of its other functions include decomposition of organic matter and production of wood rot. The main aim of a fungus is to decompose the debris found in forests. Without them the accumulation of the forest debris would override the living space for animals and humans.


The powdered mildew look is due to the abundant presence of asexual conidia. These are formed with the help of conidiophores on the surface of the leaves. These are really light in nature. They can be blown away easily and attach themselves to another host to reproduce. Erysiphales also has sexual reproduction also. These are small brown or black dots on the superficial mycelium. These have a longer life than the conidia. However, their life is limited due to the weather. They may die when there is a harsh cold weather.

Tips and Comments

Erysiphales target only specific plants. They are spread through both asexual and sexual means. They attack the stem and leaf of the plant. Erysiphales is spread during dry summer season. They cause different losses in horticulture. If someone is cultivating roses for themselves, they will have to take care cultivating the Erysiphales fungus. All in all this is not an extremely harmful fungus. Fungus is used in many different things such as making food, antibiotics, environmental use and for pest control. Yeast is one of the most commonly used funguses in preparation of meals. It is used to raise flour for baking purposes for meals such as pizza, cakes and other dishes which require baking. Fungus is also eaten when deemed safe. Mushrooms are one of the most used ingredients in dishes all over the world. The famous penicillin is also made with the use of fungus. Other than these fungal made medicines are used to fight against bacteria and other fungal problems. Funguses are the most basic form of purifier for the environment. They help clean the environment and detoxify the soil. Hence, they are not as detrimental as are generally believed to be.

By Amara, published at 03/16/2012
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