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How To Prevent You Dog From Skin Diseases


Dog and man, society from many decades have named them best friends. Skin diseases in dogs have troubled millions of dog lovers. Thought these diseases have no fatal consequence, seeing your dearest friend suffer will melt anybody’s heart. Having an illness is an unpleasant experience for the dog too. Dogs are in constant contact with dirt and raw nature. They lack the protective gear we human use, like shoes etc. Naturally they are more prone to get infected with a pathogen.


Although there are lots of similarities between skin diseases that affect humans and dog, conditions like ringworm, hot spots, mange, cheyletiella are only some that needs special mention. Skin diseases can be caused by bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites, and they may be contagious or non-contagious. Untreated skin disease can complicate to its systemic variant, which can endanger your dog’s life. As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”.

So, how can we prevent a dog from getting infected by skin diseases? Decrease in immunity is a major trigger factor that converts a sub clinical infection to a full-fledged disease. To boost your dog’s immunity you need to give your dog a well-balanced diet that is rich in all essential nutrients. Healthy diet formula mixed with a teaspoon of oil will help prevent dryness and itching of the skin. Fresh meat, fruits and vegetable formula will supply the essential minerals and vitamins needed for a dog’s immune system to cope with diseases. Diet rich in Proteins (fresh meat), Omega Fatty Acid (meat), Vitamin A, D, E, B, C (fruits and vegetable supplement), zinc (meat), magnesium (meat and egg), are essential to ensure your dog is free from skin diseases.


Grooming you dog regularly will go a long way in preventing skin diseases in your canine. It’s one of the best ways by which you can keep your dog’s fur pest and parasite free. Brush you dog every day and make sure there are no open cuts on his body. Any cuts or bruises need immediate medical attention, to prevent an infection. Give him regular exercise by having good long walks in the park along with your dog. Your canine will be both mentally and physically fit if he is active. Try and dispose of any excreta remains that your dog has left behind as they are proven breading grounds for microbes. Give him a healthy and clean living environment that is free from ticks and other parasites. Use products that vitalize and improve fur and skin health.

Tips and comments

At the first evidence of symptoms like scratching, irritation, loss of appetite, lethargy, sore skin, redness, bald patches, contact your local veterinarian as soon as possible. Applying betadine to a cut or sore is a proven first aid method in preventing skin infection. Excessive lethargy, edema of face and extremities, seizures and episodes of fits, shallow or deep breathing, tachypnea, tachycardia are signs that should ring alarm bells in your head. Your canine is in need of immediate medical attention.

Be well informed about yourdog’s health issues and the skin infections that can affect your canine. Information is wealth, and with proper information, preventing skin diseases in dogs is as easy as a snap of the figure. It’s the little things that can make a big difference in the long run. Care for your dog as you love yourself, because a healthy canine is a happy canine.

By samque, published at 03/15/2012
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