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How To Prevent Toxaemia


A pregnant woman needs to take care so they do not end up with toxaemia. Toxaemia is a condition that causes high blood pressure and excessive protein in the urine. This can cause issues with both the mother and the unborn child. At this time there is no known cause for toxemia, and the only known cure is delivering the baby. If the baby can not be delivered, it can cause problems because the blood supply to the placenta can be compromised.

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One way to prevent getting toxaemia is not to smoke. Smoking causes the blood pressure to rise and having high blood pressure is one of the biggest complications with toxemia. You should also avoid smoking because it causes low birth weight and premature birth. It can also cause the baby to have health problems such as asthma and allergies.

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If you have high blood pressure before you are even pregnant, you should try to make sure that it is controlled. If it is not under control before you get pregnant, there is a chance that it will affect you while you are pregnant and cause issues. By having your blood pressure under control, you have a better chance of not having issues during your pregnancy.

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Another way to help keep toxaemia at bay is to eat a healthy diet. You want to make sure that you eat the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables to help keep you healthy. You should also watch how much sodium you take in on a given day and try to keep your sodium intake low. Watch the snacking that you do, because most snacks are filled with sodium.

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You should also exercise to help keep toxemia at bay. By exercising you are helping the blood flow through your body. It is also good for you and the baby and can help you during delivery by keeping your stomach muscles and pelvic floor in shape. You do not have to do any strenuous exercise, but by doing a small walk in the morning and some light yoga, it can help keep issues at bay.

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For high risk women, a calcium supplement and a low dose of aspirin might help to keep the toxemia under control. Your doctor can discuss the pros and cons of taking aspirin while you are pregnant.


By following the tips above, it can help you to keep toxemia at bay. You should make sure that you keep all of your appointments and bring up any concerns to your doctor. It is also helpful to let him know if it has affected your mother or your sisters. It can sometimes seem like it runs in families. Keeping your weight under control while you are pregnant will also help to keep toxemia from affecting you. Eating healthy and avoiding high sodium foods can help to keep you from retaining water, and can help keep your blood pressure under control. Drinking lots of water will also help to flush your system and you need extra water during pregnancy.

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