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About Elbow Diseases

Published at 03/17/2012 20:17:35


About Elbow Diseases

The elbow is a part of the hand. The joint between the shoulder and the wrist is known as the elbow. This helps make your arm movement easier and more comfortable. The cartilage, ligament, fluid and bone make up the elbow. These combine together to make your elbow joint. Just as every part of the body, the elbow is also susceptible to different diseases. Elbow diseases are more common in people who make use of their elbow frequently. People who play games such as tennis, badminton, table tennis and other such games have a higher tendency to get such diseases. Not all elbow diseases are fatal. There are different methods with which you can counteract the disease.


About Elbow Diseases

The over use of the elbow causes various different elbow diseases to happen. One of these is tennis Elbow. True to its name, it happens to a majority of the tennis players. This is due to overuse of the elbow joint. The medical name for this is lateral epicondylitis. Other causes of this maybe raking, weaving and painting. They all make use of the elbow joint. This disease causes pain on the outer side of the elbow. The pain travels to the wrist, into the forearm, causing weakness in the forearm, increasing pain in the elbow, and also pain in holding objects with the wrist. This disease is due to the recurring motions and stress on the tissue. This causes inflammation in the elbow and small tears in the tendons.


Another elbow disease is golfers elbow. Similar to the tennis elbow, this is also due to an overuse of the elbow. It is also known as the medial epicondylitis. However, this affects the inner side of the elbow joint. The symptoms consist of pain on the inside of the elbow and weakness in the wrist. It also causes pain in the area already hurting when you grip something with the force of your arm. This is concentrated upon the repetitive motion of the wrist. Apart from these two, another elbow disease is the Cubital Tunnel. Symptoms of it include increase of pressure on the ulnar nerve. This nerve travels through the cubital tunnel of the elbow. This never is close to the medial epicondyle; this is the bony part protruding on the inside of the elbow. This nerve is inclined to increase in pressure and change in its function. An increase in pressure causes numbness and a tingling sensation in the elbow and arm. This disease is caused due to prolonged pressure on the elbow, repetitive bending of the arm from the elbow joint, apart from many others.

Tips and comments

Elbow diseases are not fatal diseases. There are different solutions to the above mentioned diseases. Taking care of the use of elbow when you are playing sports such as tennis and golf, minimises the possibility of developing the above mentioned elbow diseases. Most of the time, a slight prescription of physiotherapy is the solution to these diseases. You should always look for the most non-intrusive method of treatment for your elbow. There will be a very slight chance for the need of an operation. If it is not recommended by your physician, then, there is no need to opt for such a measure on a healthy elbow.