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About Dogs Skin Diseases

Published at 03/13/2012 15:07:50

About dogs skin diseases


A dog is an animal that is loved by many people is is kept at home as a pet or a guard. Just like all other animals, dogs are prone to many diseases some of which are dangerous and can lead to death if not well taken care of. Some of these diseases include the dogs skin diseases that have many causes and are among the most common health problems among the dogs. Dogs skin diseases vary from acute to chronic and life threatening that require lifetime treatment. The dogs skin is always and indicator of its health in general. Dogs skin disorders are characterized by itching, skin rashes, hair loss, scabs and very dry skin.

Types of dogs skin diseases

Dogs skin diseases are categorized according to their causes. The following are the main categories of dogs skin diseases.
Immune medicated skin disorders
these are the dogs skin diseases that are caused by poor deficiency or over activity of the immune response. If there is a deficiency in the immune system of the dog, the skin diseases are usually accompanied by other secondary diseases like, recurrent skin infections, demodectic mange and bacteria infections. Over activity of the immune system is characterized by hypersensitivity disorders like atopic dermatitis and autoimmune disorders like pemphigus and discoid lupus erthematosus. There are two types of immune medicated dogs skin diseases, the canine atopic dermatitis and the autoimmune skin diseases.

  • Autoimmune dogs skin diseases: characterized by blisters on face, ears and sometimes the whole body that form crusts and erosion's. Paw-pads can also be affected to form hyperkeratosis. The common types of autoimmune diseases are pemphigus and epidermolysis bullosa acquisita.
  • Canine atopic dermatitis: it is a hereditary chronic allergic dogs skin disease that starts at the age of 6 months to 3 years. Characterized by itching around the eyes, ears, muzzle and feet. The allergens associated to this disease are tree pollen, weeds, grasses, molds and house dust mites.

Physical and environmental dogs skin diseases

  • Acral lick granulomas: it is caused by the dog's constant licking and it ulcerates the dogs wrist and ankle.
  • Hot spots: it is also known as acute moist dermatitis. It is an inflammation of the skin that is caused by the dog's biting and licking. Since it is some kind of infection, it can spread very fast as a staphylococcus infection that causes the break down of the top skin layer and pus is trapped in the hair. It is more prone to dogs with a thick undercoat.

Infectious dogs skin diseases
They are classified into contagious and non-contagious diseases. Contagious infections include the bacterial, parasitic, fungal and viral skin diseases. Parasitic dogs skin diseases include the sarcoptic canine scabies and mange. Ringworm is a fungal that is common to puppies. Non contagious skin infections are caused by bacteria and fungal infections.

Causes of dogs skin diseases

  • Poor nutrition: many dogs skin diseases are related to poor immune system that is as a result of poor nutrition. Ensure that your dog enjoy a good and balanced diet that will boost its immune system. Always research on the best type of dog food before feeding your dog as some of them contain preservatives and chemicals that might harm the dog's health.
  • Toxic environmental pollutants: some dogs are allergic to the sprays and other products that are used at home. This sprays and products can lead to skin diseases that are caused by allergies.
  • Psychological factors: some mental issues can present themselves as dogs skin diseases. Dogs that are bored, irritable, angry and those that lack daily stimulation may show there problems through skin disorders.
  • Fleas: they are the most common cause of dogs skin diseases. Most dogs are allergic to fleas and if attacked by a small amount of fleas they develop skin complications.

How to prevent dogs skin diseases

Ensure that your dog is free of parasites as both the internal and external parasites cause dogs skin diseases.
Avoid bathing your dog frequently with shampoo as it dries the dogs natural oils and alters the dog's skin pH-level.
Ensure that your dog has proper nutrition and mineral supply to avoid poor immune system.
Inspect your dog daily to recognize skin disorders so that you ca take care of them before they spread.