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How To Protect Yourself From Common Genetic Diseases


Genetic diseases are those diseases, which are transmitted via the genes from one generation to the other. People often accept the myths surrounding the various common genetic diseases, which are rumored without any actual relevant scientific details. But, the fact is that most of these common genetic diseases can be avoided if proper measures are undertaken. These common genetic diseases often can cause a deadly pattern within the family, based on the distribution of the XX and XY chromosomes of women and men respectively. Therefore, you must adopt strict measures to follow the below mentioned guidelines.

important precautions

Genetic counseling to the rescue: Genetic counseling can help you protect your family from common genetic diseases. Genetic counseling is a term used to explain the study done by trained genetic professionals about your family genetic history. Using the past genetic record of the forefathers and other members counseling is provided. You will be given tips on how and where to stop further family growth. Even if a particular marriage is taking place, genetic counseling can be used to determine the various genetic factors of the future.

DNA testing to determine genetic disorders: Common genetic diseases often remain non-detected, even after a prolonged time due to suppressed symptoms. Thus, before you tie a knot for a lifetime with someone, you must do DNA testing of both yourself and your partner just to make sure that there is no problem. DNA testing will help you in determining the possibility of the common genetic diseases you or your partner might have. It should be kept in mind that such genetic diseases though might not be fully curable, but can actually be prevented from occurring.

additional steps

Blood test before marriage commitment: Leukemia is one of the most deadly diseases which have a temporary curable technique via blood transfusion. Common genetic diseases like leukemia can be prevented, if we are little more responsible. Before marrying or planning a baby with your partner, always go for a blood test to detect leukemia. In this way, you can save your kid’s life from these deadly diseases. It is better to remain unborn rather than being born with leukemia.

Genetic diagnosis of the newborn: If you want to stay in the safe side, then go for genetic diagnosis of the various common genetic diseases. This will give you the detailed genetic symptoms and other associated common factors associated with genetic diseases. Even if somehow the genetic disease is detected, newly developed procedures and other medical techniques will surely assist your baby in getting rid of the disease, if possible.


Use of contraceptives and other preventive measures: If you or your partner are at risk of facing any genetic disease then you can use preventive measures like ondoms and contraceptives to stop further family growth. It is better to use these preventive measures in order to stop a newborn from having any issues with the common genetic diseases, that can end his or her life in future. Before taking any crucial step, you must consult your doctor, which will help you in taking a proper decision.


Some doctors will discourage some types of genetic testing. As always seek a second opinion if you are in doubt.

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