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Conjunctivitis (pink eye) is a common cow disease to be observed in the summers and people consider its treatment as a big issue. Beef diseases can be treated with a little attention. Pink eye is the most common beef disease observed over the years not only in the country but all over the world.


Pinkeye can be found in its early stages as the swelling and tearing of the eye may be observed during it. It is also a common observation that the eye which is affected is usually kept closed, so its easy to identify. Beef diseases like this must be treated as soon as you find out because if the eye becomes blue and cloudy it may become very difficult to treat. In a case where you fail to identify this beef disease, than it may lead to a brighter pink colored eye with a yellow glob in the center. When later stage occurs, the results of treatment may not be as satisfactory as it could have been in the early stages.


The products which should be consumed in the treatment of pinkeye are tetracycline products which include LA- 200 and Biomycin200. Another product which can be consumed is he tulathromycin. Beef diseases like these can be cured by the correct usage of these remedies. The usage must be according to the labeled directions and dosage prescribed. There was an experiment conducted in the recent past in order to check the effectiveness of tulathromycin. After the experiment was conducted, it showed great results in its treatment. The success rate was more than 84 percent where some were cured within a weak and rest of them took more than a weak. Beef diseases have always been a worry for people all around the globe due to its permanent after affects. Pinkeye must be treated in its early stages because if it reaches its last stages, it may be treated but its after affects would remain forever. These after affects include scars, glaucoma and popping of the eye.

Tips and comments

There are many other ways to treat beef diseases like pinkeye. Injections are also recommended to the ones suffering from pinkeye. Injection under the eyeball layer has proven to be effective. It must be practiced very carefully as eye is a sensitive area to work on. Salt is an irritating substance and it should be avoided from the ones suffering from pinkeye. Antibiotics can also prove to be helpful in the treatment of pinkeye. A patch can also be placed over the eye and this is a procedure recommended very commonly. This can actually help in reducing the spreading of the disease.

Beef diseases are very common to be seen as the summer arrives but it is not a worry for you if you have the right knowledge of how to treat it. Identifying and treating beef diseases like pinkeye must be done in their early stages so that the treatment can provide complete satisfaction in the shape of positive results.

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