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Common Types Of Chromosomal Diseases


There are a wide range of chromosome errors that gives rise to chromosomal diseases. Two types of chromosomes are distinguished as follows: X and Y chromosomes. There are different types of chromosomal diseases. In this brief discussion, we are going to discuss the following;
• Trisomy conditions: in some people 2 copies of chromosomes are identified, while in some people, there are about 3 copies. This is why it is called trisomy. Trisomy can easily occur in the sex chromosomes as well as chromosomes 1.22 (autosomal trisomy). More so, Down syndrome affects the autosome chromosome 21.


• Monosomy conditions: this is a case when a person has just one chromosome instead of having a pair; this is why it is well known as monosomy.
• Sex chromosome conditions: usually men are made up of XY chromosome, while women are XX. Keep in mind that sometimes people can be born with either one sex chromosome- this is known as monosomy or with about three sex chromosomes and this is also known as trisomy of the sex chromosomes.


Additionally, there are some common or rarer kinds of chromosomal diseases, and they are explained as follows:
• Translocation disorders; this is all about partial errors and they can lead to trisomy. Translocation Down syndrome is from Down syndrome.
• Subtraction disorders; this can make DNA to get lost from chromosomes. To a great extent, this creates diseases that are very similar to monosomy situations.

Tips and comments

• Mosaicism: this is a bizarre situation when some people will have different kinds of cells in the body. You need to keep in mind of this fact that some cells have usual chromosomal diseases, while others have a disorder like trisomy.
• One sided chromosome disorder; this is an unusual chromosomal diseases and it can either be inherited from the father or the mother.
There are some chromosomal diseases that are not contagious; every kind of genetic disease can take place during birth involving chromosomal diseases. This type of disease cannot be transmitted from someone that has it.
A chromosomal aberration or abnormality or even anomaly is all about a structural abnormality that takes place in one or two chromosomes. Chromosomal diseases or problems will occur when there is a problem in cell division as a result of meiosis or mitosis. However, chromosomal diseases or chromosome anomalies can be grouped into structural and numerical anomalies.
Structural abnormalities can take place in several forms such as duplications, deletions, translocations, reciprocal translocation, and robertsonian translocation and so on. Numerical disorders are well known as aneuploidy, and this happens when someone is missing any of the chromosomes. In humans, Down syndrome can easily cause numerical anomaly. This is also known as trisomy 21. Turner syndrome is a situation where someone is born with one sex chromosomes.
Finally, all we are saying is that knowing chromosomal diseases will be a perfect way to cure it. Because the discovery of a sickness is a surest way to cure the sickness. This is an undeniable fact.


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