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Most Common Blood Cell Diseases!


There are many common blood cell diseases that effect millions of people world wide. Some are a bit more common than others and some are rarely ever spoken of. Our red blood cells deliver oxygen from our lungs, right to our blood and tissues. When someone has blood cell diseases, it means that the delivery of oxygen to their blood and tissues has complications.

Common Blood Cell Diseases

Below is a list of the most common blood cell diseases:

Anemia: Anemia is the most common blood cell disease. It is basically the decreased amount of red blood cells in the human body. This makes oxygen very hard to pass through.

Hodgkin: Unfortunately, Hodgkin is another one of the common blood cell diseases. This disease is especially seen in younger children and it is a type of lymphoma.

Sarcoma: Sarcoma is another one of the most common blood cell diseases. Sarcoma occurs when there is a malignant solid tumor found in either the muscle or bone of a human.

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia is another one of the blood cell diseases. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia occurs when white blood cells prematurely produce.

Wiscott-Aldrich Syndrome: Wiscott-Aldrich Syndrome is another form of blood cell diseases. Wiscott-Aldrich Syndrome occurs when an inherited disease begins effecting the overall immune system.


If you feel you have one of the many blood cell diseases, the very best thing you can do is get to your doctor as soon as possible. Like many diseases, when a blood cell disease is not found until later on, it could mean it's too late. Speak to your doctor about any concerns you have about blood cell diseases and about any sort of symptoms you're experiencing. If your doctor feels you're at risk for a blood cell disease, he or she will perform several tests on you to determine what the health problem is.

Tips and comments

Genetics has a lot to do with whether or not you'll have blood cell issues. Unfortunately, if many people in your family suffer from blood cell diseases, chances are you may as well. It is suggested that you have record of all past health problems within your family, of both living and dead family members.

If you have a blood cell disease like Sickle Cell, then you may have to get a blood transfusion. In fact, blood transfusions are very much known among those who suffer from blood cell diseases. A blood transfusion consists of giving one persons healthy blood to another person who needs the blood. Without healthy blood, bodies do not work correctly. Blood transfusions occur because someone is nice enough to donate their blood to those who really need it. There are a couple different types of transfusions available, such as plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. The process of receiving a blood transfusion for blood cell diseases is a fairly simple process. An IV will be inserted into the persons vein on their arm, which will transfer the good and healthy blood to the persons body through a little tube.

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