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About Ectrodactyly Surgery And Treatments


Ectrodactyly is a very uncommon inborn malfunction which is shows an absence of intermediate digit is missing. The hand is cleft which commonly looks like that of a lobster. The hands of the victim of this disorder possess a claw-like feature that is why ectrodactyly is also called lobster-claw syndrome. Human gene defects are the causes of this syndrome. Autosomal dominant with reduced penetrance is the most common mode of inheritance of this disorder.


Ectrodactyly happens to lesser number individuals, that’s why when there is a patient he or she directly gets noticed. It is important to educate people how to react when they see people with ectrodactyly. It must be made shore that people with this kind of disorder should not be discriminated and should be helped and cared with greater attention. Education of the general public would be the key towards protection of these people. The choice of performing plastic surgery is very crucial and that it can only be performed to cases that are not severe. If the specialist advises that a plastic surgery needs to be done then it should be applied to the patient. It would always be the doctor’s call. It is also important for ectrodactyly patients to undergo treatments like early physical and occupational therapy. These treatments make it possible for patients to become fully functional so that they can still contribute to the society amidst the challenges that they are experiencing at present.


Prosthetics have been helping those with ectrodactyly in concealing the crab-like features. This also helps them in using their hands significantly. As of those who cannot afford to engage in plastic surgery, the use of prosthetics would be very logical. This is a device that is used to replace or connect to impaired body parts for the betterment of the victim. Plastic surgery can also be done to treat ectrodactyly but the applicability of this treatment depends on the degree or severity of the disorder. Those with minor defects can easily be treated using plastic surgery to enhance the function of the affected part as well as to create better image or looks of the individual. Other methods can also be applied so that those with ectrodactyly can adapt and learn how to write, pick light materials and ultimately to become fully functional. This can be achieved through early physical and occupational therapy. It is very important that these therapies be applied at an early age. As time goes by the more it is difficult for the patient to learn.

Tips and Comments

Clearly ectrodactyly is a very rare disorder but it does not mean everyone can be safe from it. Disorders in the genes can happen to anyone at anytime. The important thing is that when someone is experiencing this kind of disorder he should directly be brought to a specialist. This is done so that necessary treatments can be performed for the patient in order to alleviate the challenges he is experience. Only doctors know how to specifically address health problems like this that’s why they should be the ones approached when disorders like this happens.

By Seth Evan, published at 03/22/2012
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