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How To Use Aquatronics Medications For Your Fish

Published at 03/22/2012 21:52:11


Aquatronics medications are broad group of medicines that are intended to treat serious bacterial, fungal, parasitic and viral infections. These products are commonly used for difficult to treat fish like Loach, Botia, Cory Catfish and similar fish. While the Aquatronics Company has gone out of business in the early year 2000, a lot of its medications can still be blended utilizing the products or substances available in the market today.

Step 1

First step to use the Aquatronics medications today is by finding the substances that can be used in order to blend certain medications. The Nitrofurazone, Kanamycin and Metronidazole were found in a few excellent products of theirs that are no longer available. These products can be found in the market and can easily be utilized for blending purposes.

Step 2

Second is to determine the type of medication you are trying to blend. For example the Nitrofurazone or Triple Sulfa can be combined with Kanamycin and SeaChem ParaGuard for a very strong fungal and bacterial infection treatment. In addition, Kanamycin can also be blended with Furan 2 and Metronidazole for an excellent parasitic, fungal and bacterial infection treatment.

Step 3

Third step is to determine the dosages of the following aquatronics based medications. As for the medications mentioned above, two hundred fifty to five hundred milligrams per 20 gallons shall be applied. Fishes shall be treated every 48 hours and every 24 hours for severe cases. In addition twenty five percent of the water shall also be changed before each medication. Treatment shall then be applied within ten days.

Step 4

Fourth step is to blend your very own version of aquatronics medication according to the time of problem you are trying to address. It is very important that correct substances shall be blended in order to ensure maximum medical capability of the treatment.

Step 5

Fifth is to apply the treatment or medication to the affected fishes. It is logical enough follow the dosages in order to protect the fishes. If any dosage shall be violated it is possible that the fishes disorders would not be healed properly or in the worst case scenario the fish might die.


It is very important to find out the availability of the substances that need to be combined. The dosage information shall also be noted to foster the safety of your fish. Do not apply certain treatments if you are not sure about the real problem or what the health issues of your fisheare. This might be the reason that the health of your fish will deteriorate further.

Sources and Citations

Aquatronics medications are clearly one of the most important medications in curing illnesses among fish. Though aquatronics products are not available today, blending them is still a very significant way to treat your fishes. All you need to do is be keen and observant enough to learn the techniques in formulating your very own aquatronics medications. You should be able to follow the directions in strict patterns in order to achieve the maximum effects of each blended medication. Aquatronics may not be selling fish medications anymore but the significance of their products is still observed today.