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Top 5 Uses For Funginex


There are different methods for controlling different fungal problems in plants especially in rose, beans, carnations, blueberries, cranberry and ornamental flowers. If the leaves of the plants have black spots, a fungal disease, it can be treated by spraying Funginex. But what one should remember is these kinds of fungal diseases such as black spot can be prevented by spraying Funginex for a period of seven to 10 days. In most cases, to treat the black or yellow spots one tablespoon of Fuginex is mixed to a gallon of water. It can also be used to control spider mites that appear in these plants mostly before they start blooming. It can also be used to control powdery mildew and rust in these plants.


Funginex is manufactured by BASF Corporation, and the approval for the product was first received in 1976. It is a registered trademark of BASF Corporation. The product is available in liquid form and has to be applied after mixing with water.


Though funginex works well on the fungal problems it is non toxic to bees, ladybirds and other such insects. Fuginex can be used for low bush and high bush cranberries, both aerially and on ground level. It should be used according to the specification on the product label and should be used in regular intervals as suggested. All specifications have to be followed correctly and should strictly be used only in the prescribed amount. If the label does not show any amount specification to be used aerially, it should not be sprayed aerially. It is also used to control the brown rot at the blossom stage for peaches, cherries and plums. Fuginex will have to be applied two to three times before the blooming stage and it is best advised not to spray aerially. It can also be used to control powdery mildew in all these plants. Another fungus known as mummy berry, which comes from the mummy berries that fell on the previous season can also be treated by Funginex

Tips and comments

The mixture to be sprayed should not be mixed and kept well in advance; it is not advisable to keep it overnight. If treating a fungal problem with a prescribed dose is not yielding any positive result, it is best to discontinue the product rather than increasing the dose. While applying this product on a large garden, be careful to avoid spraying the same area twice. If you are applying this product aerially utmost care should be taken to avoid spraying them onto any water bodies Fuginex has to be kept out of the reach of children and is hazardous if consumed. If you had an eye contact with this product you should immediately pour fresh water and then seek medical advice. If it has come in contact with the skin you should wash it immediately and consult a doctor if necessary. If someone has inhaled or swallowed this they should immediately seek medical advice or contact the poison control centre. The containers in which these products come should not be reused for any purpose; they have to dispose safely at any of the container collection centers as they can be recycled.

By Sia Attavar, published at 03/19/2012
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