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How To Avoid Smoking Diseases

Published at 01/31/2012 17:06:53


Smoking always causes problems to health. It is also mentioned on every cigarette packet. Smoking is prohibited in some countries, because it causes many smoking diseases. There are increased chances of cancer for smokers  compared to non-smokers. Smokers also are predisposed to other smoking diseases, and sometimes we are talking about some severe conditions. Common types of diseases for smokers are lung cancer, throat and mouth problems, bad breath and other affections of the respiratory system. You will find a clear and obvious link between smoking and lung cancer. It is obvious than smoking causes many problems of lungs and kidneys. A research indicated that almost 90% of the lung cancer problems are caused by smoking. Cancer and other severe problems also appear at an early age in the life of smokers.




Another research proved that there are only 0.5% chances of lung cancer for non-smokers. These and other smoking diseases are rarely diagnosed for people who do not smoke. One out of ten moderate smokers usually dies of lung cancer. However, this ratio is higher for heavy smokers. the probability of developing a lung cancer problem depends on the type of cigarettes and the number of cigarettes smoked per day. Most people quickly recognize the symptoms of their smoking diseases, like breathing problems and lung cancer. Many doctors also say that the risk of getting a cardio vascular or heart attack problems is increased for smokers. The use of tobacco and smoking are the main cause of a variety of smoking diseases and most of them are of chronic nature.


There is a major connection between smoking and cardio vascular diseases. In order to avoid smoking diseases, it is always advisable to quit smoking. Quitting smoking will automatically increase your chances of a healthy life. You will not find any particular way that will help you to quit smoking. You will have to take a stand and a commitment to quit smoking, so that you can save yourself from smoking diseases. You will have to be strong and ready both mentally and emotionally to quit. Your decision will help you in avoiding many smoking related diseases. You can force yourself to stop smoking cigarettes in certain situations, until you are ready to quit for good. You can also chew nicotine gums and patches.

Tips and comments

If you are a smoker, you must pay special attention to your diet. A smoker must eat green vegetables ad healthy food to keep himself fit and away from many diseases. This way, he can avoid many smoking diseases that are causing death in an increased rate. Smoking has only negative aspects. It also causes forming of fat acid in arteries, a condition that is called atherosclerosis. There is no such thing as a safe amount of smoking. The longer you smoke, the increased are the chances of developing cancer and other sever diseases. Smoking also affects the people sitting around smokers. The non-smokers around you also have an increased risk of developing cancer and lungs problems. To the minor extent, they suffer from breathing problems. Many medical conditions are associated with smoking such as high blood pressure, heart attacks and weakening of immune system.