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What Is Tropical Diseases

Published at 01/27/2012 15:38:00


Tropical diseases are the kind of diseases, which are more common in the tropical and sub tropical regions. The tropical regions are usually hot and humidity level in the tropical area is usually very high. In the temperate regions, where the cold climate also exists, the insects and other form of harmful organisms undergo the hibernating period. This is the reason for the absence of diseases tropical in these regions. There are many harmful and dangerous organisms, which carry many different parasites within themselves. When they sit and bite the human, they transfer the pathogenic parasite into their body and cause diseases tropical. This initiates the development of tropical diseases in human body living in tropical areas.

Other pathogenic organisms, which cause infection in human body of tropical areas, include virus and bacteria. These are killing organisms of many diseases tropical. These are very small and they are not visible. It is not possible to see them to avoid the occurrence of diseases tropical. When an insect bites an organism, it can transfer the infectious agent into the body of human being. This initiates the toxicity within the body. Sometimes, it also happens that the virus and bacteria from the bite of an insect make their way to the heart and immune system in the body. They secrete toxins, which can cause damage to the immune system. Immune system fights against diseases and protects our body functions.

Diseases tropical are very dangerous and unfortunately, there is no vaccine, which is available to immune the body against the tropical diseases. There are many causes of tropical diereses. These include the disturbance of habitat of insects. Rapid urbanization and immigration of living beings can cause disturbance in habitat of these harmful species of insects. Tropical diseases includes group of diseases. It does not specify any particular kind of disease. Mostly term diseases tropical is commonly used for infectious diseases that attacks on human beings in humid and hot weather. Common diseases are malaria, chagas, onchocerciasis, and African trypanosomiasis. Dengue is also very common in the habitants of these regions.

Mostly diseases tropical are prevalent to tropical regions. In temperate climates and in cold seasons, these diseases are less likely to occur. This is mainly because in cold climate, the growth of insects and insecticides is forced to hibernation. Mostly flies and mosquitoes are considered as the disease carrier and vector in any area. Mostly diseases in tropical regions are spread by the bite of an insect. They transfer the infection and bacterium into the body of human being through a bite. Vaccines option in a not available for all tropical infections. However, people should get themselves vaccinated to protect themselves to some extent. One most common disease in tropical areas is sleeping sickness. This disease is also called African trypanosomiasis. Sleeping sickness is also caused by parasitic attack. Common and sever nature diseases in tropical boundaries are leishmaniasis, leprosy and Lymphatic filariasis. Chronic infectious disease causes death of a patient if treatment does not start on time.



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