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How To Treat Feet Diseases


Many feet disease are preventable in a number of ways. Observing personal hygiene will keep a lot of viral and fungal feet diseases at bay. Vaccinations are also available for the prevention of many feet diseases. Making sure your feet are always dry will also be of help in preventing feet diseases. Lifestyle changes can also be an adequate preventive measure for many feet diseases like gout and diabetes.

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Hand foot and mouth is one of the most common feet diseases mostly affecting children. It common symptoms include fever, blister-like rash on the palms and the bottom of your feet. It is caused by exposure to oral secretion containing the virus.

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There exists no immediate cure for this disease. Fever management and drinking a lot of water to prevent dehydration is encouraged. Medications also exist to take care of the sores in the mouth.

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Athlete’s foot is another common feet disease. It is a form of dermatitis caused by a fungus. If not checked it could spread to the groin and palms. It is contagious and thus care should be taken to ensure that it does not spread from one person to another.

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Athletes feet diseases may be treated by the application or ingestion of antifungal medication which you don’t require a prescription to purchase.

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A wart is an infectious type of feet diseases caused by a human papillomavirus infection. They result in growths on the underside if the feet. Although they are more common on the feet, they may be found on the fingers and knees.


Skin warts are treatable using over the counter medication with the most common ingredient being salicylic acid. Other treatments though not very effective include freezing where warts are sprayed with aerosols at a chilling -50 ĚŠ. Freezing using liquid nitrogen is a common practise amongst dermatologists. Some people claim that warts can be suffocated by covering them with airtight materials like duct tape.

Diabetes mellitus commonly referred to as diabetes is not entirely one of the common a feet diseases. It affects the feet through the vascular system. Diabetes is a common cause of foot ulcers which are very painful and increase the risk for infection by other pathogens. Sadly foot problems associated with diabetes result in amputations. Diabetes has no cure but can be easily managed mostly through dieting.

Pitted keratolysis is non-contagious feet disease which affects the skin of the feet. It is mostly caused by wearing very tight or restrictive footwear which cause a lot of sweating. The infection causes pits on the underside of feet and toes. Treatment of this infection involves a combination of antibiotics and good personal hygiene like cleaning your feet, changing your socks regularly and drying your feet.

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Gout is not specifically one of the feet diseases but it affects the feet and mostly the big toe. Gout is caused by a malfunction of the metabolic system which instead of disposing uric acid as urine, it is deposited in the joints. It cause inflammation of the joints and may destroy them completely. Medications for treating gout are meant to reduce uric acid levels to acceptable levels but may also cure the disease. Ice can be applied to reduce pain

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