What You Must Know About Diseases Of Mouth
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What You Must Know About Diseases Of Mouth

Published at 03/20/2012 17:47:35


What You Must Know About Diseases Of Mouth

Mouth is an important part of our body. Using mouth we intake the food, which provides the necessary nutrients required for survival. Hence, staying careful about the mouth region is very essential. It has often been seen that, people tend to ignore issues regarding mouth. But, it must be kept in mind that even small symptoms of the mouth could point towards serious mouth diseases. Diseases of the mouth can be of various types. There are numerous symptoms for each of these diseases. Hence, we need to keep a watch over all these symptoms, and know what the diseases are that can be caused in the mouth region.


1. Diseases related to the salivary glands are very common. Mumps is one of those popular mouth diseases, which happen when the parotid gland is infected by mumps virus. Proper care must be taken in order to diagnose these salivary gland infections and diseases. Medication is often adequate to cure these diseases.

2. Halitosis or bad breath is rather an embarrassment than popular mouth diseases in the modern society. But, the fact remains that halitosis can be caused by numerous causing agents like smoking, alcohol, liver disease, lung disease, stomach issues, pregnancy, or even we stay away from brushing and flossing out teeth regularly.

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3. Less painful Canker sore is a very common of the mouth diseases in the individuals belonging to the teen age. These sores are the least painful and can often get self-cured after a gap of 10 – 15 days from the day it shows up. It occurs generally in the internal part of the mouth. It can even happen when a person eats something which he or she is allergic to.

4. A fungal infection like Candida is another popular form of the mouth diseases. This disease generally occurs when a person has undergone transplant, has been affected by HIV or cancer, or even has used piercing techniques in the mouth region.

5. HSV virus is a common agent for popular mouth diseases like Herpes Simplex. In this disease the person is generally affected with sores either occurring if he or she is affected with HIV/Cancer, or the person is going through pregnancy, periods etc…


6. Burning mouth syndrome is common of all the mouth diseases, which are very irritating in its symptoms. In this disease, the affected person has to face a burning sensation near the mouth regions, like lips, tongue, inner gums etc…

7. Migratory stomatitis or Geographic tongue is one of those mouth diseases in which the tongue and the internal oral mucosa are affected. Various regions in the tongue in this case can also be fissured.

8. Cancer of the mouth region: This is very common of the mouth diseases especially, when the affected person used to be a smoker, or abuser of alcohol, etc… This is one of the most deadly diseases, which occur in various parts of the mouth. Hence, proper care must be taken for its diagnosis. Mouth diseases can occur at any age, and proper medication can cure it easily.