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5 Types Of Canine Endoparasite


Anything that feeds or derives nutrients while it is attached to another organism or host is a parasite. This type of non mutual relationship proves to be harmful for the host. Host is the organism that lets the organism feed on it also the nutrients are derived by the parasite at the host’s expense. Parasites may be smaller than the host. Broadly parasites have been classified into two categories. The two types of parasites are ectoparasite and endoparasite. Parasites that attach to the surface of the host are termed as Ectoparasite and those that reside inside the host are called as Endoparasite. Canines are susceptible to both types of parasites and suffer many harmful affects to the body due to these parasites. These side effects can cause reducing its normal physiological functions, harming its weight etc.

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Endoparasite cause significant amount of diseases in Canines and mouth is no strange territory for them. Endoparasites attached to the mouth are not very easy to detect. Endoparasites are also responsible for various types of tissue wounds. However detrimental parasites may be, they have one benefit, they play ecological roles. They do so by exterminating various types of harmful preys. Endoparasites may complete their life cycle inside the host or outside the host. In some cases the Endoparasite may also complete half of their life cycle outside the host and half of it inside the host.

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Some of the endoparasites are tapeworms or hook worms that infect the small intestine of a canine. Other types of Endoparasites are Toxocara canis; this type of Canine Endoparasite is a typical nematode or roundworm. It belongs to the family Ascaridae. The diagnosis regarding this endoparasite can be made by examining the fecal flotation of the dog. Trichuris vulpis; this type of Endoparasite is known as whipworm and is found in adults mainly. It may be found in the colon and cecum of the Canine. It feeds on direct digestion. The diagnosis for this type of endoparasite is made by examining the fecal floatation. It belongs to the family Trichuridae.

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Yet another type is Ancylostoma caninum; this type of southern hookworm belongs to the family of Ancylostomidae. This type of endoparasite is able to penetrate the skin of the host. It also has cutaneous larval migrans. The diagnosis for this type of endoparasite is made on the basis of fecal floatation. Ear mange; this Endoparasite inhabits the inside of the ear canal possibly near the eardrum of the Canine. It also known as Otodectes cynotis and it sucks the host’s tissue fluid which is responsible for the inflammation of lymph nodes. A female lives up to 2 to 6 weeks during which she lays 30 to 40 eggs. Their life cycle is completed in maximum eleven days. Capillaria plica; this is a bladder worm which survives on the direct digestion of the intermediate host which in this case is the earthworm. The diagnosis for this type of endoparasite is made through the urinalysis.


Endoparasites belonging to every class and family mainly are harmful to their hosts. One way to protect your canines from parasites is to give them natural food. This, to a great extent, plays a vital role in preventing the attack of endoparasites and other types of parasites.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/20/2012
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