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About the Symptoms Of Vaccinosis

Symptoms of Vaccinosis


It is quite unbelievable that vaccinating your pet to protect it from fatal diseases can end up making it sick or worst still kill it. Vaccinosis is used to refer to the symptoms that occur to pets after they have been vaccinated. This happens to the pets whose immune system is overloaded by having to deal with the particular vaccine that is administered to them. Vaccinosis occurs when too many vaccines are administered at the same time such that the immune system is overloaded by having to deal with the different types of vaccines at a go. This affects the pet's immune system and makes them prone to diseases and infections.

Symptoms of vaccinosis

Vaccinosis is caused by a number of factors like administering multiple vaccines to your pet at the same time, administering boosters every year and administering vaccines at the wrong age.
The symptoms of vaccinosis range from minor to life threatening. They can affect the health and behavior of the pet animal, they can be temporary and other times they can be chronic. In some cases, the symptoms of the disease that the vaccine is supposed to prevent are the ones that present in the pet. The following are the common symptoms of vaccinosis.
          Mild symptoms

  • fever
  • flu like symptoms
  • loss of appetite
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • swelling around the inoculation site
  • limping
  • lack of interest in the normal activities like playing
  • restlessness

    Severe symptoms
  • weigh loss
  • breathing complications
  • seizures
  • digestive problems
  • dehydration



Vaccinosis is mainly treated by dealing with the symptoms that occur. Addressing the symptoms in time will help to prevent them from advancing into more serious complications that can be difficult to deal with. In case of mild symptoms, some good stress free rest and a benadryl are the best remedies. For severe reactions, more and proper care is needed.
There are also different types of homeopathic remedies that can treat vaccinosis. Different homeopathic remedies cater for symptoms caused by different types of vaccines. But it is always safe to consult a homeopathic veterinarian before administering any homeopathic remedies to your pet.


Tips and comments

Make sure a test is done on your pet to determine the vaccine the pet needs.
Always opt for long term vaccinations as regular vaccination can result to vaccinosis.
Avoid administering vaccines that the pet does not need at all. For example, a dog will require kennel cough vaccine if it is kenneled.
Ensure that your pet receive one vaccine at a time. Combining vaccination increase the chance of your pet suffering from vaccinosis.
During vaccination, insist on a killed virus vaccine but not a modified live virus vaccine.
Feed your pet on a good and nutritious diet that will boost its immune system.
Ensure your pet is vaccinated with the necessary vaccine at the right age.

Each and every pet owner should take the necessary precautions if their pet present some of the above listed symptoms after vaccination. The pet owner should also be keen in observing the pet after a vaccine is administered so that they can notice the symptoms early enough to avoid extra treatment expenses and prevent the pet from suffering from severe complications.

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