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About the Spreading Of Diseases


The spreading of diseases is not taken too serious these days even though some diseases have learned how to resist to our antibiotics and other treatments.


Throughout history, the spreading of diseases has clamed more lives than any other thing. Diseases that have killed so many people are the bubonic plague, syphilis, malaria, cholera and many others. They have been passed on through air, water or physical contact.


Even though these day we can treat most of the diseases that have claimed many lives in the past, there are some that are still horrible and there is no cure for them at least not right now. The first and the worst is AIDS that can be passed through unprotected sexual contact. This disease has its origins in Africa, but the spreading of diseases like this one has reached America and Europe too. It is the worst disease that the modern world has seen, and that still kills people today, with no cure for it. The most common places where this disease can be found is in the poor places of the world like Africa, where the spreading of diseases claims more lives than in any other place on Earth.
The spreading of diseases can occur in unclean waters too. These may contain hepatitis, a disease that will not kill you if you treat it, but even so, you will be under treatment all your life. Hepatitis comes in many forms, and can be contacted even through saliva, so it is not a disease that can be ignored with all the medical technology that we have today.
In the last few years, the spreading of diseases through air, mostly referred to the chicken flu, a genetically engineered disease that didn’t kill many people, but it still is a risk factor today.

Tips and comments

So the spreading of diseases can be done through air, water, physical contact or even food. It is all about how much do we really know about the diseases that can actually travel and what can we do to stop them or at least keep them in isolated places.
These diseases can also mutate turning themselves into stronger ones. They can be immune to antibiotics or vaccines so the researchers in the medical fields should always look for new ways of treatment or even better, new ways of preventing the spread of diseases.
If you are a tourist and you want to make you vacation be the best, you should find out what kind of place is your destination. If you want to go to Africa you must be aware that Aids is very common. If you want to go to tropical countries such as Malaysia you should be aware that diseases are spread through insects like a mosquito, and one of the diseases that you could get from its bite is malaria.
Even so, we are still trying to contain the spread of diseases by new remedies and drugs, in order for our species to survive and enjoy life.

By Toma Mircea, published at 03/20/2012
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