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Human Bone Diseases And Abnormal Conditions

Published at 01/30/2012 22:45:57


Human body is comprised of a network of bones which is called a skeleton. This skeleton allows the bones to meet at particular locations in a body to form different joints and perform various essential functions. Bones form the shape of the body and keep it moving in right order. Further bones absorb and transmit necessary minerals to all over the body e.g. sodium, phosphorus, oxygen, calcium along with vitamins and proteins. The most important ingredient of body i.e. red blood cells also depend upon the bones for their proper production and spread to entire body. Although bones provide support to the entire body but at the same time , they are prone to various conditions and diseases that might cause severe physical disorders.


Up till now, too many diseases related to bones have been observed and researched, some of which are highly dangerous and cause physical disabilities or even death. These conditions become so extreme with the passage of time that get out of control to be cured. Among the most observed and common bones conditions and diseases include Osteomalacia , Osteogenic sarcoma , Exostosis and Ewing's sarcoma.


The disease of ostomalacia is the unusual condition occur in bones and make them soften and weak. This condition is usually arises as a result of lack of minerals especially calcium in human body and usually termed as rickets. This disease begin to show its symptoms right from the childhood. Because of this disease, the ability of the bones to absorb minerals get reduced and thus the bones become spongy internally and lose their strength.Osteogenic sarcoma is another harmful condition of human bones due to which malignant production or growth occurs in bones. This condition causes the bones cells which are called osteoblasts tend to lose their strength and control and thus result in large and dangerous tumors. This diseases is one of the bones diseases that have been increasing at a faster rate among humans.

Another bones conditions and diseases is termed as Exostosis. This is the combination of two words. The word “Ex” derived from exterior or outside, and “ostosis” indicates the abnormal bones condition. Hence it is the disease in which growth tends to occur outside the bones. This leads towards the abnormal formation of joints and improper shaping of the body. This condition most of the time happens as a result of genetic disorder or being inherited from ancestors.

Tips and comments

Ewing's sarcoma is a bone  conditions and diseases that is basically classified as a tumor. The symptoms occur in the form of swelling , rashes and pain at the affected areas of bones. The people that belong to the age group of 4 to 16 years, are more prone to this harmful condition. Although it is a sort of dangerous bones tumor but many therapies for its treatment have been invented. The method of chemotherapy and use of radiotherapy are two of the widely accepted and adopted tools for diagnosing and treating this bone conditions and diseases. However, it is to be noted that tumor must be treated before it gets spread to entire human body.