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About Rapid Liver Diseases Or Ldps


A notion that a heart is an organ that is comparatively vital than others has been eliminated by science. Liver is also one of the most essential organs in living beings other then plants and cellular organisms. Talking of human liver, it is positioned in the abdominal pelvic region and consists of highly specialised cells. It helps process most of the body of a human. Therefore it is essential to keep the liver healthy as many of our food and liquid intakes affects the performance of the liver. Heart has a specific function of blood pumping where as liver performs multiple functions that include biochemical production, detoxification and protein synthesis, as all the proteins are synthesised in the liver so are ldps. Now the curiosity arises, what is LDPs? It is the abbreviation for “Lipid Droplet Proteins”. Lipid droplets are organelles that help store the fats. These fats are stored as energy that is utilized when all glucose has been used. These lipid droplets are coated with a protective layer of associated proteins, and therefore they are known as lipid droplet proteins. Due to uncontrolled eating and other health compromising diseases ldps balance is compromised.


Obesity in one of the main reasons causing many diseases and also is a threat for liver tissues. In early years being obese was considered being healthy but there is a limit of amount required of fats to be classified in health category. Being obese is just one cause, bad drinking habits and excessive smoking can also lead to serious liver diseases. They can also lead to plethora of fat deposits as it boosts the process as ldps balance is altered leading to liver diseases. Non Alcoholic fatty liver diseases or NAFLD have increased by thirty percent in adults relative to pat years.


Non alcoholic diseases are more common in females as their estrogen hormone stimulates the fats deposition. The diseases resemble alcoholic hepatitis as they have same ldps with different associated proteins. Liver diseases are not easy to detect as seventy five percent of liver tissues have to be affected by the relative disease to acknowledge the change in the function of the liver. Therefore physical symptoms may not be the basis of your early liver dysfunction. The symptoms include fatigue, malaise, discomfort on the upper right abdominal, jaundice may also be noticed but this is only in rare cases. This disease is also affiliated with other diseases such as diabetes; rising blood pressure and obesity. It can be diagnosed through ultra sound and most widely acceptable is biopsy; other diagnostic tests are also available related to blood testing. NAFLD is unknown but it is triggered by obesity and insulin resistance.

Tips and comments

With time multiple treatments have been introduced. Most effective way is to lose weight and to keep a weight check. Nutritional counselling is required if you are willing to take an initiation. To control your fatty acid deposition and keep the balance of ldps, diet control is important. Remember just because you are reading this article does not mean you are suffering from this disease; if you feel you are consult a doctor instantly.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/23/2012
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