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How To Treat Canine Cancer With Colostrums

Published at 03/22/2012 16:01:29

How to treat canine cancer using colostrums


Canine cancer diagnosis is as scary as any other cancer diagnosis. Many dogs are dying from this cancer that is becoming common. Colostrums is a first food that the mammals produce for their young ones before they produce milk. Colostrums is filled with immune boosting properties that protect and strengthen the health of their young ones. It contains antibodies, purine, lactoferrin and pyrimidine complexes that reduce the digestive disorders, arthritis and food allergies. This colostrum is believed to have curative properties that can treat cancer and it is being embraced for canine cancer treatment.

Step 1

Colostrums contain beneficial components that fight the cancer cells. It has polypeptides that fight the cancer cells through the restoration and healing properties. It also contains lactoferrin which regulates iron metabolism, supports the body's immunity via the inhibition of pathogens with its antibacterial and antiviral properties and helps to stop oxidation. Colostrums also contain the alpha lactalbumin and phytic acid. Alpha lactalbumin hinders the cancer cells from growing through causing them to self distract. Phytic acid is an oxiant that blocks the cancer cells iron. Colostrum helps in the restoration of the immune response against harmful cancer cells making the body able to cure cancer on its self.

Step 2

Eliminate stress in the dog's life

A dog that is suffering from canine cancer will be stressed and depressed due to the treatment administered and the pain from the cancer. Taking good care of your dog by reducing or even total eliminating stress in its life will go a long way in helping the dog cope with cancer and also the colostrums treatment. You should study and understand the stress causes in your dog and be in a position to avoid them. A stress free dog will be happy and will adjust to the treatment administered in a much better way. Playing with the dog will make it feel cared for as well as reduce stress.

Step 3

Good environment

Ensure that your sick dog is staying in an environment that is free of pesticides and second hand smoke. Good and fresh air is very essential to a dog suffering from canine cancer. A smoke and pesticides polluted environment may trigger the cancer since these two factors may contain harmful chemicals are capable of causing cancer.

Step 4

Proper diet

Ensure that your dog feeds on a good and balanced diet that will boost its immune system and help it to fight the canine cancer. You could go for nutrition supplements like fish oil and vitamin C that will improve the dog's immune system.

Step 5

After all the above is followed, colostrums addition would be the final thing in ensuring that your dog recovers from the canine cancer. The following is a guide line of how the colostrum should be administered.

  • Feed the dog with one teaspoon of colostrums in the morning before breakfast
  • If the colostrum remains, cover it with a plastic wrap and keep it a safe cool and dry place
  • Feed the leftover the next morning and remember to supplement extra powder depending on the colostrum consumed the previous day


  • Most of colostrums that are sold are extracted from the dairy cows.
  • The hormones, medications and pesticides that are ingested by the dairy cows may concentrate in the colostrum making it more harmful than helpful.
  • When buying the colostrums, go for the chemical and hormone free colostrum.
  • It is important to seek the advice of a doctor before feeding colostrums to puppies and pregnant dogs.