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Published at 03/27/2012 04:39:36

About muscles diseases


Muscle diseases are the conditions that affect the muscles that are found in the arms, legs, lungs and heart, or the nerves that control these muscles. These muscles are responsible for the control of various body movements as they work with the nerves, structural and connective tissues. There are different muscles diseases and they affect different muscles like the voluntary skeletal muscles, involuntary smooth muscles and the involuntary cardiac muscles. Some of the muscles diseases can be severe and end up causing permanent disability, weakening of the muscles and mobility problems. However, the severity of the muscles diseases var from one person to the other depending on the type of the disease they are suffering from and the ability of their body to fight such diseases. Muscles diseases can affect anyone from the babies, to elderly people.

Symptoms of muscle diseases

The muscles just like any other part of the body show some symptoms when affected by some disease or infection. The muscle symptoms appear on the affected ares of the body and they can be a sign of a serious underlying disease. The following are the common symptoms of muscle diseases.
swelling of the affected area
flu-like signs
walking problems
muscle wasting
numbness, burning sensation and tingling
unexplained weight loss
chest pain that radiates to the shoulder, neck and jaw
shortness of breath
inability to move a part of the body
severe pain in the affected area
loss of bowel control
change in vision
change in the face structure that is, the affected person has an asymmetric face configuration and has difficulty when closing the eyes
muscle pain that is accompanied by tendons and ligament pain

Causes of muscles diseases

Most muscles diseases are mainly caused by a defect in the genes that are responsible for making of the proteins that protect the muscle fibers from damage. The different muscles diseases are caused by different genetic mutations some of which are inherited while others occur spontaneously in the growing embryo. However, there are other causes of the muscles diseases that include;
muscle strain that causes wear and tear
nerve compression
trauma from a blunt force
overuse of the muscle
muscle infections like the abscess
Parkinson's disease
brain and spine injury

Prevention of muscle diseases

It is always better to prevent the muscles diseases from attacking to avoid the expensive cost of treatment and other complications that are brought about by the muscles diseases.

  • doing of strength training and balance exercises will help to avoid strains and sprains which are the leading causes of muscles diseases.
  • avoiding the overuse of muscles helps to prevent muscle cramps.
  • avoiding the repetitive use of muscles like continuous typing on the keyboard as it can cause tendonitis.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight.
  • eating a balanced and nutritious diet that will strengthen the muscles to help them fight the muscles diseases\
  • wearing shoes that fit properly.
  • limiting the sun exposure.
  • avoiding stress.
  • getting enough and plenty sleep.