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Muscles diseases in children are caused by a number of things. Some of them can be mild and treatable by simple procedures that doesn’t require medication, others are muscles diseases that require professional treatment and medication. The simple causes for muscle pains on children bodies can be as a result of stress, anxiety or sprain. The other serious causes of muscle pains which are basically muscles diseases are flu, Lyme disease, polymyositis which is an inflammatory muscles diseases caused by bacteria and also trichinosis which is also a bacterial infection that is spread as a result of a bite of the black-legged tick.


It is very important to learn about all those possible causes of muscles diseases in children so that you can be able to help your child get the right medication. Muscle strain will always develop when a child's muscle is exposed to stress at regular times. This can be for example when a child swims after a lengthy duration of inactivity. Muscle sprain o the other hand will occur when a particular joint is forced to work beyond its limit. When these two causes bring about muscle discomfort, you will be advised to let your child relax and avoid working the affected muscle until the situation goes back to normal.


Children can also get muscle pains from body or mental stress, this situation can be solved by making the child to rest a lot and in the process you feed him or her on the right diet to recover. Muscles diseases like Lyme disease could be another cause. The muscles ache within the starting stage of the sickness and at the same time you will get symptoms like flu, fever, chills and headache. This discomfort can go on and even worsen if your child doesn't get the right medication. Consult a physician immediately when you realize that your child has been bitten by the tick and infected with the Lime disease.

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Respiratory illnesses also cause muscles diseases. They are caused by the flu virus and it can affect up to twenty percent of the Americans annually. The symptoms are also headache, stuffy or runny nose and fever, and they cause the muscles to pain a lot. Sometimes the child may even vomit. It can be treated with enough rest with medication to lower the fever, and also consumption of a lot of liquids.

Muscles diseases that affect skeletal muscles for example polymyositis weakens a child's muscles a condition that is also accompanied by fatigue, stiffness in the morning, difficulty in breathing and swallowing. Polymyositis usually affect children within the age bracket of five to fifteen years. When your child complains of muscle aches because of roundworms or trichinosis as they are known biologically, you will have to seek the help of your doctor although the main medication will be painkillers to ease the pain and discomfort in the muscles and tablets that will get rid of the worms. You will then be supposed to check what your child is consuming as roundworms come about when a person eats undercooked foods.
Get the help of a doctor for any muscles diseases your child experiences.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 03/29/2012
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