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How To Prevent Large Intestine Diseases


The health of the large intestine or the colon as it is known in another word is very important. Large intestine diseases are in different conditions and some disorders are more prevalent among many individuals in the current times. The well being of the large intestine depends on the care that it is taken to keep it free of contamination and also eradicate the infections that may have already established themselves. Healing of the large intestine diseases is a method of healthcare that is performed to ensure that the large intestine is always up to its perfection and serves the purpose that it is supposed to without hitches.


One of the ways to prevent large intestine diseases is to simply keep fit. This organ of our bodies has the mandate to remove waste products from our bodies. It has a muscle that pushes the materials through it and if the body is kept inactive the laxity of the muscles may make them not to clean all the waste materials completely which leads to infections that cause the large intestine diseases.
Another thing is the way people empty their bowels. This mostly concerns the position at which a person takes when in the washrooms. The most preferred type of the toilet is the one that is fixed at the floor level of the toilet cubicle, so that a person can completely squat. This position helps the colon and the rectum muscles to work at their best and excrete the waste products completely. This type of toilet is so effective and healthy to use as compared to the sit-on type of toilet where the muscles get relaxed and as a result fail to push all the waste materials out. The waste material that remains for repeated number of times causes infections and hence leads to large intestine diseases.


The type of food we eat is another cause for large intestine diseases. People are supposed to check the origin of the foods that they buy because some of them are cultivated using chemicals that remain embedded in them, and when consumed they have side effects of which most of them cause large intestine diseases. Apart from chemicals, some of us cook foods that are full of fats and low fiber. Fatty foods cause blockages in the large intestines because when the fats cool they stick on the walls of the intestines. Lack of fiber in the foods that you eat will bring about constipation and remnants of waste materials after you empty your bowels. This will lead to large intestine diseases if not taken care of as required because of the buildup of the bacteria that will manifest itself and multiply in the remnants of the blocked waste materials.

Tips and comments

Large intestine health and fitness is very vital and eating the right diet, checking the fats that you are using in your cooking and eating a lot of fiber will be the right way to the effort of preventing the occurrence of large intestine diseases.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 03/29/2012
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