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How To Prevent Chlorea

Published at 04/01/2012 23:46:42


To be able to prevent chlorea, fist people have to be able to understand what it is. Chlorea is an infection that affects the small intestine when one drinks or ingests contaminated food or water. It can be from food that was touched by an infected person or from untreated well or flood waters. The waters are sometimes infected with feces, and this is how people end up with the illness. When you get this infection, you could get bad vomiting and watery diarrhea and leg cramps. People who die from it do not actually die from the organism itself, but from the dehydration and the shock that he body goes through. It is usually a problem in third world countries that do not have the cleanest drinking water and poor sanitation.


One of the easiest ways to prevent the illness is to teach people about hygiene and having better sanitation. This is nearly impossible to do in third world countries, where they do not have the ability to have the same advances in hygiene like those of us in the United States. If more people would understand that washing the hands is a very basic part of being clean, it could help to stop the spread of the illness in some of the countries where today it is still a problem. One way that we can help to stop the spread of chlorea, is to teach people that washing their hands after you go to the bathroom can help to prevent the spread of the diseases. Another thing that could be taught, is never to drink water that has not been boiled first, regardless if it is from a flooded river or a well. In America, we have sanitation plants and we also have water treatment facilities that clean our water for us and we do not have these problems like third world countries do.


One way to prevent chlorea from becoming a problem in the United States is to make sure that people who go overseas, especially where they may be experiencing an outbreak of chorea follow a few very basic rules. You should never drink water that has not been boiled, and to help prevent an infection only drink bottled water if it is available. If you are drinking bottled water, you should make sure that the bottle has not been opened previously. You should also only drink beverages that are out of a can, like soft drinks and juice. Do not drink from a tap or water fountain. You should also avoid ice cubes, as you cannot guarantee that eh water has not been boiled first. Make sure that you always wash your hands after going to the bathroom and before you eat any food. Also, it is wise that you only eat fruit and vegetables that do not have any skin on them and have been washed. Try to avoid eating any raw meat or under-cooked sea food. Following these easy steps can help to prevent getting chlorea.


Tips and comments

When going on a vacation just try to follow the same hygiene that you would at home. Even though we can and do drink tap water in the United States, you should avoid that if traveling overseas. Also, there is no known cure or vaccine for chlorea, it just has to run its course if you happen to get sick by it. If you do find yourself with this illness, make sure you keep your fluid intake up to avoid shock and dehydration.