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Like any other animal, sheep also get sick, thus need medical attention. If the sheep get the proper medications, very few of them die. For one to identify the best diagnosis in sheep it is very difficult and very challenging, that is why for you to treat your sheep, you must ensure that the veterinary you allow to treat the animals is an experienced one. The following are the most common diseases for sheep.

Common diseases in sheep

Polyarthritis - this disease affect the leg joint of sheep, sometimes the sheep produces pus and sometimes it does not. This sheep diseases are caused by bacteria called corynebacterium pseudo tuberculosis. The bacteria enters the body of a sheep via a wound, umbilicus or docking. Feedlot rectal prolapsed is a sheep diseases that is caused by high feed intake, short dock or high grain rations

The urinary calculi - this disease is also caused by high grain rations and in lambs fed on creep. The main cause of this sheep disease is the improper calcium and phosphorous ratio. We also have the sheep diseases called mastitis which is mostly associated with lambs. The lambs usually have sore mouth or drying up during winning a ewe.

Extra sheep diseases

Ewe prolapsed - this sheep disease affects the ewe lambs that are fat and don’t do exercise, are usually affected by this sheep diseases. Also rotten feeds that have estrogen can distress hormone balance adequately to cause exclusion of the uterus and the vagina. The vaginal prolapsed can sometime be inherited and it occurs before lambing. It is caused by high ration of feeds, injury and short tail dock.

Foot rot sheep disease - it is caused by bacteria called Fusobacterium necrophorum and Bacteroides nodosus. Nodosus usually found in sheep hooves, it grows at a slow rate. It is brought about by the moist soil.

Sore mouth is also a sheep disease that is very contagious, this disease is caused by virus, the affected sheep usually develop the herpes ulcers on the tongue and lip.

Control and treatment of sheep diseases

If you want to control and prevent Polyarthritis, you need to disinfect the navels cord, castrating the wounds and via docking, you can as well use the antibiotics. Feedlot rectal prolapsed has no definite cure but you can use some procedures to prevent or rather treat this sheep diseases, For example clumping the protruding rectum using the elastrator ring. If you want to prevent your sheep against urinary calculi you need to add five percent of ammonium chloride in the grain ratio. Mastitis is prevented by adding sulfamethazine in the sheep grain. While in the sheep that has been affected by prolapsed sheep disease, treat the disease by sulfa bolus or you can use the antibiotics to treat the affected sheep.

Trim the walls of the hoof soak the affected hooves in the foot bath which has formalin and zinc sulfate. You can also separate the limpers and sell the constant limpers. If your sheep has been affected by sore mouth, you can treat the disease by vaccination for three days.

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