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Published at 03/29/2012 00:42:27


Sorghastrum is a small type of ornamental grass which is proven to have originated from Africa as well as America. However, the one species found in the northern part of America is said to be an attractive indigenous ornamental grass which also has bluish undergrowth and additionally golden seeds which are attractive when they fall.

Sorghastrum species has some characteristics which define the ideal adaptation of this type of grass. Sorghastrum is said to be a deep rooted type of grass which explains its tolerance to the draught season as well as it can be very useful in preventing soil erosion. it can as well tolerate a number of types of soil which comprise of the dry soils, poor soils, infertile and even the heavy clay.

When Sorghastrum is in the fertile soil it grows extremely tall and droop over at that particular height. The activity of maintaining this type of grass has proven to be easy. this is because you only needed to cut to the ground during its early times of springing that is before the early spring grows to be a new growth. In addition Sorghastrum is a wonderful perennial ornamental type of grass that is normally on meadows or also found in the hillside gardens as well as the accent of borders.

However, you may need to know the literal meaning of the word Sorghastrum. it means incomplete and it resembles sorghum. It is of great importance when you are planning to purchase this type of grass may be for your garden to do a serious check online. This is important because you will be able to discover different sales. 

As you explore more about this kind of grass you may come across the vocabularies like Sorghastrum nutans, this is however referred to as the Yellow Indian grass. It is however mostly found in the northern America as well as the central and eastern side of the country and Canada. It is a common species especially in the Great Plains. As much as it is a perennial grass, it is prominently tall with a huge blue stem, little blue stem and switch grass. Further more in the Oklahoma state and South Carolina it is proven to be an official state grass, this is because of its rampant existence, it is almost everywhere. Further more on your visits to Illinois you will not miss to encounter this type of grass. In fact during the historic times it was proved to have dominated most parts of Illinois State. Besides its tolerance to severe droughts, it can as well survive the wild fires. This according to research has been proven to regrow after fires. Further more its bloom comes on the late spring


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