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Animal and human waste cause a lot of diseases which are sometimes fatal. Human feces carries roundworms while cat feces carries toxoplasmosis. 

Do you always wash your hands after visiting the washroom? Human and animal wastes transmit diseases that cause infections. So after visiting the washrooms or changing the diapers of your child, always make sure that you wash your hands. Wash your hands also before eating even when you think your hands are clean. Don't take chances. Washing your hands six times per day is recommended. You can also reduce the chances of developing feces diseases this diseases especially those that are caused by human wastes by bathing regularly and changing your bed linens and clothing regularly.

Before eating raw vegetables, always make sure that you wash them thoroughly. Animal feces that are infected in your vegetable garden can coat the vegetables especially the ones whose roots are edible such potatoes and carrots. if not washed well, can transmit feces diseases to you, your family and the people who buy the vegetables from you.

The compost pile where you place animal manure should be designed in a proper way that enables it to attain high temperatures that will kill the infections in the animal feces. Experts have established that the compost pile should be 3 cubic feet and not more than five cubic feet in order for to attain these temperatures. Otherwise, if this temperatures are not attained, infections that cause feces diseases may be contained in the manure.

Infections from human and animal wastes are also contracted by walking around bare feet. Most children who play and walk around bare feet step on feces that are contaminated so developing infections that are as a result of these feces. So to reduce the chances of your children developing feces diseases, always make sure that they put on their shoes before they go out of the house.

Teach children good hygiene habits at a young age. Teach them the dangers of animal and human feces. Teach them to also wash their hands after a short or long call as soon as they learn how to use the potty. Advise them not to put their hands in their mouths before they wash them especially after play from outside and tell them they may develop feces diseases. Let them know those feces diseases may lead to death.

Keep pets away from areas where children use as their playgrounds. Make sure you separate pets from children's playgrounds. The pets may defecate in these areas, when the children step on their feces the may pick up the infections in it so developing feces diseases.

By Bob Meadow, published at 03/29/2012
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