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Is There A Specialist Cure For Infectious Diseases?


An infectious disease is result from increase of microorganisms in human body; it is brought about by germs and growth in the body. The infectious disease is not a contagious disease. While an infectious diseases specialist is a medical personnel who is an internal doctor of medicine. The infectious diseases specialists are experienced medical personnels who are qualified and expert in the field of diagnosing and treating infectious diseases. The infectious diseases specialists usually finish seven years or more training in the school of medical and a post graduate training, he is required to finish some other two years specializing in infectious diseases.

The infectious diseases specialist is usually an expert in heart, brain, sinuses, lungs, bowel, urinary tract and pelvic organs. They usually train in all areas of infectious diseases irrespective of their causes, for example they specialize in diseases caused by parasites, Fungi, bacteria and virus. They also specialize in treating disease cause by immunodeficiency virus, which result in AIDS. They also have diverse knowledge of using antibiotics and they understand the possible effects of antibiotics, how the human body is able to fight infections and how the infections are being spread and how one can control the infectious diseases.

Functions of an infectious diseases specialists

The infectious disease specialist checks the patient records, medical data of his patients, reviews all the laboratory reports of patients and the x-ray reports. They can carry out a physical check up depending on the type of medical problem that a patient has. The infectious specialists can as well counsel the patients if necessary, for example if one needs or plans to travel to a country that has infectious diseases.

Infectious disease specialist does all the laboratory research, for example the research on blood samples, body fluids or culture of wounds. They can request for blood samples for research of antibodies, which shows the infections or the presence of rare diseases. The infectious disease specialists are usually limited to diagnosing diseases and treatment of the diagnosed disease. They are not allowed to surgery.

When you Need an Infectious Disease Specialist

In most cases many people don’t need an infectious disease specialists, because, the general internists is able to take care of infectious diseases, however, the infectious diseases specialists are usually required when special expertise is needed, to manage or diagnose the infectious diseases. You need to consult and infectious disease specialist if your condition is worse, for example when you infection is very serious, when the fever increases thus raise the suspicion of an infection or when an infection occurs to a patient resulting from the treatment given. The infectious disease specialists will carry out the tests needed to diagnose the disease that is affecting you; they will help you to understand the infections and how to prevent it in future. Those patients who are admitted and contract an infection while in the hospital or those who are admitted because of an infection also need infectious diseases specialists.

How Infectious Disease Work

In many instances the infectious disease specialist perform the initial care of a physician, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to see a doctor. In many instances you are advised to return to the infectious disease specialists to review you test results and so see whether the infections that you had has been eliminated completely. Thus you will go back to your physician when the infection has been eliminated and your condition is stable.

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