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Get Relieved From Diseases By Building Autoimmune

Published at 01/25/2012 07:41:43


The human body consists of many systems with defined functions, which interact with each other by stimulating, inhibiting, regulating and exchanging fluids with organs. The system that defends the body against pathogens is called the immune system. It receives "information" from other systems when they are "in danger" and It starts operating. What can we do to make sure that the system is working properly?



6 ways to strengthen immunity

1. Autoimmune diseases can be prevented with Foods that are rich in vitamin C
Vitamin C is intended to strengthen the immune system by activating the cellular mechanisms by regeneration of tissues, restoring structures of collagen, stimulating intestinal iron absorption with energizing effect, rejuvenation, regeneration and increase immunity. Consume vitamin C by eating fruits and vegetables, either fresh, or as juice, or by eating food supplements.
2. Autoimmune diseases can be treated by Consumming protein and eating 3 meals per day:
Even if you are on a diet, the body needs proteins and the stomach needs 3-5 meals a day. Do not eat too much because the body needs to secrete regularly, to maintain normal glucose and insulin activity. Proteins are important in many body functions: they enter the intermediate structures of cellular DNA, RNA and the "message" sent via cell protein synthesis enters your muscles, hormones and antibodies. Moreover, proteins are made out of antibodies, which are the main weapons the immune system uses to fight infections and diseases. Therefore, protein intake is particularly important for the body, so nutritionists recommend consuming chicken meat and fish, and a few eggs per week.
3. Autoimmune diseases can be countered with rest:
During sleep, many regenerative processes are activated. Neurological studies have shown that the specialty of our nervous system and especially the brain is more active during sleep than wakefulness. During sleep, some neurotransmitters are secreted in large quantities and regeneration processes are intense, so all cellular protection mechanisms, tissues and systems are restored.


4. Autoimmune diseases can be countered with fruits and vegetables
Both fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C. Other vitamins and minerals are very important for the proper functioning of the body and unfolding processes of defense against infection. The immune system needs vitamins and minerals to function throughout the whole. Therefore, it is recommended to eat at least two fruits a day and a salad or vegetable dish.
5. Autoimmune diseases can be countered with sport
Sport increases the amount of blood, regulates the metabolism, increases cellular functions through the intake of nutrients and also helps the body to resist infections, but also to factors that may decrease the immune system, such as cold, humidity, stress. Among the most important "weapons" against stress, sport is considered one of the most powerful activities that fights changes caused by stress.
6. Autoimmune diseases can be countered with hot baths, massage and sauna
Hot baths, massage and sauna are designed to mobilize blood and muscles, increase circulation in some parts of the body that we use less often, being particularly useful for people with office work or for those who have a lifestyle more sedentary. They show that among other roles they increase immunity and resistance to cold, also strengthening the cardiovascular system.

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