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About the Ecureme Information Site


ECureMe.com is a health resources website that has registered the fastest growing comparing with similar sites. This website is a source from where visitors can benefit of many useful heath information and services as well. Each visitor can choose a feature that suits betted his needs and requirements. For example ECureMe Medical encyclopedia is a large database offering information about medical conditions, various medical terms and treatments. Healthy living is coming with information related to minerals, vitamins, natural treatments, as well as articles related to diets, exercises and health trends. ECureMe is also offering a unique tool for self-diagnosis, which is practical and easy to use. From the eMedStore those interested can shop online for various medical equipment and supplies. Using the physician directory visitors can search physicians from all over the American territory, and they can also benefit of E-mail consultations from up to three physicians.


Since the launching of ECureMe information site from 2001, the audience and the traffic volume has increased rapidly and consistently. All these have made from this medicine informational website a leader in this industry. For example according with a rating system used by Amazon Alexa, eCureMe website has registered in the first three months of year 2004 an increase of the traffic with 24%. During the same year, the total hit numbers have also registered a substantially grow, from 7.031.264 to 13.148.646. The total number of unique visitors has been located on the rise as well.


Every day around 7.500 people are visiting the eCureMe.com. The readers are from all parts of America, but from Asia, Canada and Europe as well. The most popular terms searched by visitors are the self-diagnosis, sebaceous acne, medical questions, walking pneumonia and folliculitis. When the searching engines are used, the Ecurme terms are coming up among first search results. For example when a visitor will search on Google the term “self-diagnosis”, the ECureMe site will come the first from more than 95.000 websites. Majority of visitors are female gender, with a predominant percentage of 62%.


In order to gain popularity and trust, an informational site like ECureMe should be managed only by professionals in this domain. For this reason, the website is run only by top technology and medical professionals from the country. These are coming with years of clinical experience, and with various business backgrounds. The professionals behind eCureMe.com are the Dr. Yong T. Lee – founder and CEO, chairman of the Korean Medical Group from Los Angeles, and Dr Ardeshir Talieh, M.D, chief of Telemedicine. The medical advisory board is formed by the following professionals:

- Dr Cindy Blifelt, M.D, pediatrician at Valley Medical Group of Lompoc, and Medical Examiner at SART, North Santa Barbara County.

- Dr. Angelique Green, M.D., physician at Kaiser Permanente and East Oakland Health Center, East Oakland.

- Dr. Caroline Lee Macleod, a family practitioner, Bluejay, CA.

- Dr. Cary M. Schnitzer, M.D., urgent care physician at Kaiser Permanente, Phoenix, AZ.

- Claudia Burnett, R.D., M.Ed., chief of Nutrition Education and Training, Department of Health Services WIC Nutrition Program Branch, Sonoma County, CA.

By Ignat Victor, published at 03/27/2012
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About the Ecureme Information Site. 4 of 5 based on 12 votes.