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How To Protect Yourself From Rose Bush Diseases


A beautiful bush of roses can add a lot of beauty to your garden, and can change the style of the home into a more contemporary one. Beautiful rose bushes will surely attract the eyes of visitors, but keeping them healthy requires a little implication from your behalf. Rose bushes are not trouble free, as they can be very vulnerable to various diseases. Some of the most common rose bush diseases are identified when the leaf of the rose is showing black spots. Other roses can be damaged by other causes, as the rose pests are, or the rose fungus diseases. In our days there are sufficient available solutions that can protect you from rose bush diseases.

Keep rose bush healthy

A clean environment can help to prevent many of the rose bush diseases. You should always remember to remove the dead leaves and dead flowers from around the rose bush. Another important aspect is to apply in early spring and blossom time a special feeder. Fertilizers containing high phosphorus will not only help the rose bush grow nicely, but it will also help you to prevent various diseases. A rose bush, like any other plant, needs water to live. Make sure you give daily a sufficient quantity of water, by checking always the soil beneath, that should be smooth and with a moist texture. For keeping the leaves and flowers clean and healthy, you can use a homemade spray from tomato or garlic. These are easy to be prepared at home, and are natural solutions for giving the roses a healthy aspect, and to keep at distance diseases. The citrus oil is also having a beautiful effect on your rosebush.

Control insects

In a garden there are many insects, some of these are beneficial but others can make a lot of damages to your rosebush. Keeping the nasty little buggers under control is very important for the health and the beauty of the rosebush. In some cases, you can remove many bad insects by spraying simple water over the rosebush. You can also use with success a soapy water. The most common insects that can affect and cause the rose bush diseases are: the aphids, japanese beetles, and spider mites. The rose pests can be prevented by using insecticidal non-toxic solutions, or an organic rhubarb solution made at home. Many insects are growing rapidly, so you should inspect often the rose bushes, in order to avoid infestation.

Prevent diseases

In order to prevent rose bush diseases there are some things that you can do from the start in order to prevent or to minimize the damages. The first important thing is to use a type of rose that suits your region. For example, some rose species do not love hot summers with high humidity, and therefore an advice from a knowledgeable staff is recommended before selecting the plants. Another important aspect that can help you keep your rose bush healthy is not to use toxic chemicals, and to replace these when possible with safe organic fungicides. The non-toxic garden products can be used for other flowers and vegetables as well.

By Ignat Victor, published at 03/28/2012
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