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How To Protect Yourself From Desises

Published at 01/25/2012 07:54:08


Professionals or the biologists give different instructions to the patients of the different desises. The patients should make a calendar, and then attach it to the walls of their kitchen and the bedrooms. This calendar should include health tips along with recipes of the healthy food. Good quality and nutritious food will help the patients of different desises to keep themselves healthy.


Patients of different desises should record all the daily activities of themselves. These activities will help them to understand and find the major cause of the severe desises. It is very necessary for the patients to wash their hands before eating anything, to protect their body from parasitic and bacterial desises. Patients should not try to do gardening because the soil is the major route of the transmission of toxoplasmosis and helminthes. These two desises are the caused because of the soil-borne parasites. The soil-borne parasites grow in the soil due to the moisture nature of it and then multiply in it. There are various types of soil-borne parasites. These parasites are then transmitted into the human body through the pores of the skin. Patients are also getting the microbial desises very rapidly due to the environmental pollution; therefore, try to protect yourself from this harmful effect with the use of antibiotics and sunscreens. The sunscreens protect the patients from the skin diseases, infections and allergies.


The calendar’s proper health challenge will help you to protect yourself against the different desises and may keep you healthy for a long time.

Tips and comments

Immunization is very important for infected patients. The immunity makes the immune system of the human body stronger. Our immune system has the capability to fight against the most strong and the infectious desises. Different health programs and the seminars are now organizing themselves to create awareness among patients of different severe desises. Bacteria are very dangerous to those patients who have a weak immune system. These bacteria directly attack on the weak immune system and can cause the death of patients who are suffering from bacterial desises. Such viruses cause desises like influenza, hepatitis and AIDS.

Bacteria can cause the other diseases such as throat desises, desises in the urinary system and the infections in the small and large intestines. The patients should take antibiotics to protect themselves against these desises. They should also wash the fruits and the vegetables properly to remove the soil and the dust particles. These dust particles or the polluted tiny things are the major cause of the infectious desises. Patients should also wash their hands thoroughly after touching animals like cats or dogs. Cats are the major cause of the skin allergies.