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About Poland's Kibic


Poland is one the most populated countries of Europe. It is also regarded as one of the most populated countries in the world as it is ranked amongst the top 50 populated countries. Due to large general public of the Republic of Poland, there are many types of societies and public groups which have known to exist. The word Kibic is a polish word, which translated into English would mean the word Fan. The word Kibic generalizes the whole culture of making fan groups in Poland. Mostly, polish version of the word fan, refers to large fan clubs which are formed to support a particular cause or a team. The whole culture of developing fan clubs is very widely practiced by the country of Poland.


Poland has always been known for people who are fully devoted to following the main cause of what they choose to do. Kibic, is a well known term used by people even of different countries as a cliché term to describe any type of historic fan club, group or a society. However, in Poland, the polish term is mainly referred to fan clubs which are mostly sports oriented. Kibics are also considered as groups of people from the society who share a common aim to support some kind of an organization or a public celebrity. This polish word is not used for any group or an organization that are related to politics or any other serious matter.


There are many types of Kibics. The most basic and common type of a Kibic is related to sports. Since, Poland is so widely known for taking an active part in all types of sports in the world, there are many fans in the country, who are deeply devoted towards supporting their favorite fan club. Football or Soccer, in terms of American English, is a very popular sport in Poland. There are multiple fan clubs for football teams present in Poland. These fan clubs include fans who support not only their national football team, but also many other teams from countries around the world. Similarly, other sports like cricket and rugby have many kibics in Poland. When it comes to the music or film industry, there are big fan clubs or a group of Kibics who support their favorite actors and music artists or bands.

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Poland in general is known for having a diverse community because of its large number of kibics groups from a range of backgrounds. Whether, it is a sports team or a music personality, Poland will have fans for every type of field. Traditionally, a Kibic can be an individual supporting a specific club or a personality or it can also be a group of people together supporting a specific club or a celebrity. Poland, being the 6th most populated county in Europe, has a diverse range of fan groups, supporting people and celebrity personalities, from around the world. Some of the fan groups have gained international recognition for their extra ordinary support and fan following.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/28/2012
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