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Does Drinking Alcohol Cause Diseases=

Published at 03/25/2012 22:28:23


Consumption of alcohol by humanity dates back to the prehistoric ages, and the diseases associated with drinking also date back that far. These days, drinking alcohol is quite common. Despite its wide consumption, drinking alcohol can cause numerous diseases and studies have shown that the constant prolonged use of it can even cause death. However, we are still witnessing an increase in the daily consumption of alcoholic beverages.

There have been numerous research and studies that show a very strong relationship between drinking alcohol and diseases. Effects of drinking on human body are infinite and with over period of time if necessary precautions are not taken, the repercussions can be far greater than one can initially imagine. Drinking alcohol is associated with greater levels of depression, high blood pressure, high sugar levels in the blood, digestive disorders, high fat content in blood, muscle weakness, weakening of immune system, sleep disorders and many other diseases. It is estimated that alcohol consumption is linked with more than sixty diseases.

One of the major diseases associated with the alcohol is heart failure and liver failure. It is common among the people who are alcoholics that they suffer from heart and liver diseases. Consumption of alcohol weakens the heart muscle, known as cardiomyopathy, this means that heart can't pump the blood efficiently. Thereby, increasing the chances of strokes. Apart from this, it is also noticed that people who tend to drink lot of alcohol also leads to difficulties in marital relations, and in extreme cases violence and child abuse. Alcoholism is also associated with cancer. Tongue, throat, and breast cancers can be caused due to the consumption of alcohol.


It is quite clear from the above facts that drinking alcohol and diseases no doubt go side by side. Many of us get addicted without knowing it. If over period of time if you notice that you can't concentrate without having a drink, or whenever you feel depressed you feel the urge of having a drink and unless and until you don't drink it, your nerves don't calm down, these are the initial symptoms of the fact that indicate that you are getting addicted and you should immediately stop. The sooner you stop the better it is for you.

Tips and comments

We all are quite familiar that drinking alcohol and diseases can ruin over social life and it can easily plunge us in an deep abyss from which one cannot escape easily. Nothing is more important than your health and the love of your family, and thousands of people loose this precious gift just because of drinking. Drinking alcohol and the diseases associated with it can be overcome by doing exercise and having social and moral support. You need to have strong will and determination. Sit with people who have overcome this addiction, eat healthy and drink healthy.


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