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How To Treat Palm Tree Diseases


Palm tree diseases can cause the trees remain in a very dangerous position. The diseases are very lethal some times. If you take care of the palm tree then the production will go high. One method of keeping the production high is by controlling the palm tree diseases. The diseases will make the plant even slow in growth besides production. By taking some strategies which will be discussed in this article owners will be in a position of fighting the palm tree diseases in a very excellent manner. Failure to do this the disease will lead to maximum destruction of the palm tree.

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There are some factors that have triggered palm tree diseases in the world today. Some factors contributing to palm tree diseases could include the warm temperatures in the plantations or zones of production or sometimes when pruning is done in the wrong way. When you leave the plant exposed then it becomes prone to palm tree diseases.

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However if we look at some palm tree diseases, we can also check their remedy. One of the common palm tree diseases is the fasarium wilt .This disease is fungus related in nature. The disease is not curable in most cases. It can be spread out by wind and by using dirty pruning tools. The disease is known to spread very fast therefore the correct measures should be taken to ensure that the disease does not spread through out the palm plantation.

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Another example of palm tree diseases is the phoenix decline. This disease is symbolized by yellowing of the leaves before they finally die out. For keeping this disease away it is good to identify the sick plants at an early stage and then uproot them from the field. This is the best way you can deal with the plant disease.

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If you will not observe the symptoms and remove the plants which are affected early enough you will cause the spread of the disease easily into the whole farm and it can be very hard to control it when it starts spreading to the other trees. In some cases it is hard to determine which plants are suffering from this disease .

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as a matter of fact some plants may suffer nutritional deficiencies and they will appear with yellow colors on their leaves. The challenge is differentiating which plant is suffering from the disease. In some cases the plants may also be suffering from the scorching effect of the sun on their leaves.


You are advised to approach a professional who can help you determine which plant may be suffering from the disease as soon as possible.

To prevent palm tree diseases you are advised not to use any form of fertilizers. The fertilizer which is supposed to be used is specified. The specific fertilizer should be applied because it distinguishes it self from the others by its high nitrogen release compared to the other forms of fertilizers. You are supposed to see an expert who will help you determine the correct fertilizer that you can use so as to avoid palm tree diseases as possible.
Another advice is leaving the green leaves unpruned since they are prone to palm tree diseases attack.

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