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Rare diseases affect a very small part of the world population. The symptom of diseases are very hard to guess since in most cases the diseases are genetic. Mostly symptom of diseases which are rare do not appear in many peoples lifes.They are present through out their lives and thus very hard to know the symptom of diseases. Most people who don’t show symptom of diseases are prone to death at a very tender age. Most children die before they reach 20.This diseases are very dangerous but symptom of diseases are not easily detected. Most of them are in the genes of the patient and determining their cause is very difficult.Isomerace deficiency is considered as one of the most rare diseases in the world today.


Although there is no clear categorization or criteria in the world that can be followed to determine hw a disease can be termed as rare, we can conclude that for the disease to be rare then symptom of diseases should be prevalent in some specific groups of people, or in particular places of the world. If the symptom of diseases are common in other part of the population then the disease can qualify also to be rare. In the world today there is no symptom of diseases which can qualify for the definition of a rare disease.


Many definitions will give the reasons of the number of people living in a certain area with the disease or when the disease is in a particular part of the world. In the USA a rare disease is defined as a disease whose symptom of diseases affect less than 20,000 people in a particular zone. This definition has led to the federal association of America to involve much research in the pursuit of symptom of diseases which are rare in the land. The Japanese refer to a disease as rare if the symptom of diseases are prevalent to less than 50,000 people in a certain area or the whole country.

Tips and comments

Since the diseases have lacked a very universal definition some professional have given it the name of ‘orphan diseases’. The symptom of diseases are hard to determine and thus the name has been adopted to stand for rare diseases. Mostly the diseases are genetic. They are very chronic also. Research has widely stated that most of the rare disease symptoms of diseases are 80 % genetic in nature.
Some other rare symptom of diseases are due to infections or allergies. Some of the symptom of diseases are degenerative in nature.
To do a classification of symptom of diseases, we can base them on the group of people who are affected and the size of the population to be studied. We can say that cancer is a disease which is rare in children but it is very common among adults.
Symptom of diseases which are rare may be seen at birth or at early childhood stage. Some symptom of diseases of rare diseases are see only when the person becomes an adult.
Under research symptom of diseases are known to be incurable or if you like it chronic. In some cases we can term short term medical conditions as rare diseases.


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