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In as much as the role bees, give in production of natural honey, they can also be infected with diseases. The diseases are termed as bee diseases. In this article the diseases have been discussed and their treatments also given in brief. The first one is the varroa mites. This form spots on the bee’s thorax. They carry a virus which is used to cause bee diseases. This disease has caused a wiping out of many bee species across the world. Some species are very resistant to this bee disease. Some can recover due to their resistance. The disease has spread to all the continents except in Australia where the bee diseases symptoms have not been discovered. The disease is caused when the hive population is growing abnormally. When the disease affects the high population then the whole hive is in trouble and the bees can be wiped away by the bee disease which leaves the hive empty.


There are very many efforts which have been put to treat the varroa mites.ths is among the worst bee diseases. Some of the treatment may include mechanical or chemical ways of eliminating the disease. When the treatment is administered on the beehives most mites will die and thus leaving the bees at liberty and free from infections. The chemicals for controlling bee diseases can be used in different countries. The treatment of this kind of bee diseases will vary from one region to another. The solution regardless of the method of treatment used is able to make the bees life span increase. When the mites are eliminated in a mechanical way of controlling the disease, they reduce the number of mites such that the bees will not be unable to cope with. The mites that are not eliminated completely but the population is reduced enormously.


Acarine mite is another common cause of bee diseases .The mites attacks the bee airways. The mites are very deadly causes of bee diseases. They can wipe a very great and vast population of bees in the world. To get the remedy or the cure for this type of disease, then proper diagnosis should be done to treat the bees. This will include the taking of a sample of the bees, by taking some bees and doing the examination after this you can establish the disease the bees are suffering from. This type of bee diseases is generally controlled by the use of grease. This is commonly placed on top of the hives, when the bees anchor on top of the hive they are able to pick some few traces as they feed on the sugar. This process will make it hard for the mites to identify the young bees in the hive and therefore avoiding the spread of the disease to the young population. The mit, therefore will die as a result before even undergoing re multiplication. Another way to deal with Acarine mites is by the use of menthol. You can allow it to vaporize or mix it forming a greasy element. This is a way of treating this bee disease.

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Another form of bee diseases is the nosema.This disease attacks the intestines of the bees. Commonly the adults are more prone to the disease. This makes the bees to develop dysentery. Can be treated by use of antibiotics.

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