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How To Deal With Cat Skin Diseases


Cat skin diseases are one of the most common problems affecting cats, both pets and wild. Even though cat skin diseases, are diseases affecting the skin, in most cases they always has a more serious underlying cause. So this is why it is more important to never neglect any sort of cat skin diseases.

Symptoms of cat skin diseases

Some common symptoms of cat skin diseases are:

If your cat is constantly seen to scratch or lick a particular area of the skin it should be properly investigated.

Skin chewing behavior of a

Catover licking the skin

The appearance of bald patches on the skin and more than normal hair loss should also be seriously taken.

Any appearance of scaling, white flakes, crust, pustules or any other inflammation on the skin should also be investigated.

Common cause for cat Skin diseases are

Causes that often cause skin diseases are:

Fungal type of cat skin diseases are commonly seen in cat living in moist humid environmental conditions. This humid environment helps in the growth of fungus, especially in the areas of head, paws and ears.

Another common variety of cat skin diseases, are the diseases caused by parasites like mites, lice or fleas.

Skin diseases can also be caused due to allergic reaction to food items and also to environment. Allergic reaction to environment is usually manifested in the form of itchy skin conditions and scaling.

Tumors are rarely seen on the skin of the cat. This disease is quite easy to identify as there will be a visible lump on the skin. The treatment varies according to the type of tumor present.


Diagnosing Skin diseases

If your cat is seen to have any of the aforementioned symptoms the cat should be immediately taken to the vet. Then, it will inspect and as few questions regarding the behavior of the cat and past history will be taken. The doctor, will come to a diagnosis of the type of cat skin disease. Once a diagnosis has been made by the vet he will undergo further tests for confirming this diagnosis. Once the diagnosis has been confirmed,the treatment for the same will be started. The commonly done tests for confirming a diagnosis of Skin diseases are biopsy test, blood test, allergy test, sensitivity test etc.

Treating cat skin diseases

Once the cat can disease has been identified and confirmed the treatment is commenced. For Skin diseases caused by parasites like mites or lice, the treatment of choice is shampooing and spraying the cat skin with medication. For any sorts of allergic diseases the common treatment option is administering antihistamine. If the allergic skin disease is severe, even corticosteroid treatment will be started. At the same time, the cat is given hypo allergic diet to rule out any food allergen. In the case of infection with bacteria and virus, antibiotics are started. Antibiotics can be in the form of overall suspension dissolved in food items or can be skin ointments. Treating cat skin diseases is not an impossible task but it does require immediate attention for quicker recovery.

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